Five Must Have Resources for Health Practitioners Starting out with Digital Mental Health

Five Must Have Resources for Health Practitioners Starting out with Digital Mental Health

There are a range of training and informational resources available to support health professionals getting started with digital mental health resources. These resources are available in a range of formats including training modules, guides, and podcasts.

This article breaks down our five must-have resources for health practitioners starting out with digital mental health. These resources explore how to access reliable programs, the benefits of digital interventions, and strategies to start using them with patients/clients. The resources below are reputable, evidence-based Australian resources designed specifically for GPs, allied health professionals, mental health professionals, psychologists, and other health workers integrating digital interventions into their practice.

1. Black Dog Institute Online Training Modules

Black Dog Institute has developed a range of online training resources for health practitioners using digital mental health resources. These modules are designed to give health professionals confidence in prescribing evidence-based e-mental health resources.

For GPs

The Black Dog Institute eMental Health for General Practitioners: Online Module Series is an accredited e-learning activity for General Practitioners. This series is comprised of six one-hour online learning modules providing information on what eMental Health is, how to find and access reliable programs, and tips for using eMH in practice with patients.

Each module explores one of the following topics:

1.Introduction to e-Mental Health

2.Translating therapy to the online environment

3.Finding and using eMental Health resources

4.Using eMental Health – the GP as a guide

5.Coaching the patient using eMental Health

6.Using eMH with special patient groups and complex conditions


Access the module series here:

For Psychologists and Allied Mental Health

Black Dog Institute has developed a course for Psychologists and Allied Mental Health Professionals in collaboration with eMHPrac. This 5 module course provides information and skills to help Psychologists and allied mental health professionals confidently use eMH resources in their clinical practice.


Access the course here:

For General Practice Nurses and Other Health Workers

The Black Dog Institute eMHPrac course for General Health Workers is a stand-alone module for general health service providers working in primary care settings, including general practice nurses, peer support workers, and community support workers. This module aims to familiarise health workers with eMental Health programs, their benefits, how to find resources for consumers, and ways to incorporate them into their existing practice.


Access the module here:

2. Getting Started with Digital Mental Health (for Professionals)

The eMHPrac Getting Started with Digital Mental Health (for Professionals) factsheet provides information to Health Practitioners on what digital mental health resources are, how to use them with their clients or patients, and the benefits of digital mental health resources.

The factsheet works through the 5 steps to use digital mental health resources:

1.Consider how you will use dMH within your role and working environment

2.Familiarise yourself with an overview of dMH programs and resources

3.Choose one or two dMH resources to explore in detail

4.Recommend a resource to your first client

5.Follow up


View or download the factsheet here:

3. Webinar 8 AHP: Using digital mental health tools to enhance your practice

The eighth webinar in Black Dog Institutes webinar series for Psychologists and Allied Health Practitioners provides an introduction to digital tools and resources, how to select appropriate tools to use with clients, and how they can enhance and extend mental health treatment. This webinar provides an overview of the main types and uses of digital mental health resources, ways that practitioners can find and evaluate appropriate tools, and how to use them to enhance your practice.


Access the webinar here:

4. Digital Mental Health Musings S1E2 | Literal Digital Mental Health in Practice for Psychologists

The Digital Mental Health Musings podcast explores the latest developments, research, and challenges in the mental health support and treatment space, speaking with experts and addressing concerns. In the second episode of this series host, Dr. Ruth Crowther speaks to clinical psychologists Dr. Shelley Appleton and Dr. Tania McMahon about the application of digital interventions with clients and troubleshooting common challenges. During the episode, they discuss what digital programs they have found useful, how to start using digital interventions with clients, who finds them useful, and more.


Listen to the full conversation here:

A Guide to Digital Mental Health Resources

The eMHPrac Guide to Digital Mental Health Resources provides an overview of Australian online programs, apps, crisis helplines, online forums, and information sites. The guide is updated twice annually with resources grouped by crisis services, diagnosis, specialist target group, and delivery mode, designed to help health practitioners access appropriate and reputable digital mental health resources to use with their patients.


View the PDF or order a hardcopy version here: