COVID-19 in the Community

COVID-19 in the Community

News about COVID-19 has eased in recent months as restrictions have been eased. Living with COVID-19 in the community has become part of normal life in Australia and in many countries around the world. However many people are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 in their daily life or experiencing isolation after a positive test.

Whether dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress, or existing mental health problems, there are a variety of digital mental health services that can help. There are a range of services for coping with COVID-19, managing mental health during isolation, supporting frontline workers and healthcare workers, parents, and children.

Commonwealth Government

The Commonwealth Government has developed a collection of information sheets to help the general public and industry stay informed and share important messages. They include links to apps and other resources for mental health, answering frequently asked questions and guidance on how to support your own mental health.

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Supporting you through the COVID-19 pandemic

THIS WAY UP developed a range of free online tools with practical tips and strategies to support emotional wellbeing during times of stress and uncertainty.

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Smiling Mind Thrive Inside

Thrive Inside is a special initiative of the Smiling Mind app to help users stay calm and healthy in the physical constraints of their home and inside their mind. While spending extended periods of time at home the Thrive Inside program helps users practice meditation to remain inspired, stay connected, and foster good mental habits to stay psychologically healthy.

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Act-Belong-Commit is an online campaign encouraging people to promote their own mental wellbeing by being active, connecting with others, and creating purpose in their life. Their 5 day plan for keeping mentally healthy during lockdown This plan can help individuals in isolation tackle the practical challenges of adapting to isolation and looking after their mental and physical health.

Australian Psychological Society

Maintaining your mental health during social isolation

The Australian Psychological Society has developed a range of information sheets relating to COVID-19 and isolation in Australia. Their ‘Maintaining your mental health during social isolation’ outlines some useful strategies to maintain good mental health during social distancing and isolation.

Black Dog Institute

Your Weekly Personal Mental Health Check-in During COVID-19

Black Dog Institute have developed a weekly mental health check-in template to help individuals keep on top of their mental health when staying at home for extended periods of time. The template walks through how to check on your feelings, body, sleep, thoughts and reactions/behaviour weekly, as well finding a check-in buddy to connect with while physically isolating.

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Self isolation and COVID-19

1800RESPECT has developed a guide for to support people whose home isn’t the safest place. Their list of safety planning tips aims to help people keep safe and reduce stress during self-isolation. They also provide information on supporting someone impacted by domestic violence, and looking after your own mental health.

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Dealing with Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

ACON have compiled a range of information sheets for LGBTIQA+ communities to help them keep up to date with the latest information on COVID-19. Their ‘Dealing with Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19’ information sheet includes resources and links for coping with distress and fear in a healthy way.

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The Essential Network for Health Professionals

The Essential Network for Health Professionals (TEN) is an app developed by Black Dog Institute connecting Health Professionals to tools, resources, and peer support to help them manage life through COVID-19. Their resources can be accessed anonymously, quickly and easily.

Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Birdie and the Virus flipbook

Children’s Heath Queensland has developed a suite of resources to help families, particularly expectant parents, babies, and young children, prepare for, cope with and recover from a natural disaster. Their Birdie and the Virus flipbook is designed to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of babies and young people, their parents and families, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The BRAVE Program

Kids Coping with Stress and Worry about COVID-19 Virus

The BRAVE Program has developed a series of videos for children and teenagers learn skills and knowledge to help them cope better and reduce stress and worries at difficult times. The series teaches skills that young people can use when they get stressed to that they can feel more relaxed and calm.

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Emerging Minds

Talking to children about natural disasters, traumatic events, or worries about the future

Emerging Minds developed a range of resources to support parents, children and carers throughout coronavirus. This video introduces ways for parents and carers to manage media coverage of traumatic events, and talk to their children about their worries and fears.

While the resources above and many others listed in our ‘Managing Your Mental Health Online During COVID-19’ factsheet were designed specifically to support people during COVID-19. However, there are a range of digital mental health services providing support for anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health issues. Programs such as MindSpot and THIS WAY UP, as well as apps like MoodMission and HeadGear are available to provide mental health support to people coping with COVID-19 as well as other mental health concerns.