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Virtual communities for health professionals

20 July 2016

Researchers in Australia recently conducted a review of social media “virtual communities” created by health care professionals, and how these communities facilitate sharing of knowledge, evidence-based practice and professional networking. Online professional communities allow us to connect with professionals anywhere in the world, in the same way that digital mental health tools allow interventions and supports to be accessible for patients and clients whenever, wherever.

This review found that less than 20% of professionals used Facebook, podcasts, blogs or Twitter. This is surprising given that Twitter in particular, is an easy way to keep up-to-date with the latest mental health news and research – if you’re a lurker – or to communicate information you think will benefit your colleagues – if you’re a poster. The team at eMHPrac recently launched our Twitter account @emhprac_central as a way of providing health professionals with regular updates on a range of digital mental health topics including:

  • e-mental health research
  • new and current online programs and apps
  • upcoming digital mental health professional training and support events

You can also join eMHPrac’s online communities, eMHPrac Exchange for allied health professionals, and eMHPrac Community for GPs. You’ll be able to link with other health professionals on the forums and receive the latest information on our free webinar series.

Watch this space for our Facebook page for service providers working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

N.B. Check your registering body’s guidelines for social media before posting!

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