Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Workplace

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Workplace

In Australia, the average employed person over 15 years old works more than 40 hours per week, excluding commute time (2016 Census Data, Australian Bureau of Statistics). We spend a third of our days at work so it is important to be conscious of taking care of our mental health in the workplace.

There are many factors that can affect your mental health in the workplace, including; feeling overwhelmed, work-related stress, time pressures, workplace bullying, and burnout. While it can be difficult to cope with these pressures or to find time to care for your mental health, there are a range of digital mental health resources that can help.

The resources below provide information, guidance, counseling, and support on managing work-related stress and staying mentally healthy in the workplace.

1800RESPECT logo


Work-induced Stress and Trauma


1800 737 732

1800RESPECT is an online and telephone counselling service for people experiencing violence in their relationships. Their website also contains information on healthy relationships, including work-induced stress and trauma. This resource aims to teach users how to recognise work-induced stress and trauma, what it is, who it affects, and how to prevent it. They also offer a work-induced stress and trauma checklist to help individuals identify how they are feeling and if they are experiencing work-induced trauma or burnout. For assistance recognising and finding support for work-induced trauma, 1800RESPECT’s trained counsellors are available online or over the phone to talk.

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Beyond Blue


1300 22 4636

Beyond Blue was designed to provide information and resources for Australians living with anxiety or depression. Their website explores a range of topics relating to mental wellbeing and taking care of your mental health, including staying well in the workplace. Users can access information, advice, and real stories relating to workplace wellbeing. Beyond Blue also offers peer-support via online forums, where users can discuss topics like workplace absenteeism, anxiety, torment, and bullying. For further support, users can call the Beyond Blue phone support service or access counselling support online.

Black Dog Institute


The Black Dog Institute is an Australian organisation aiming to support and improve mental health for everyone. Their website includes a range of information and resources around the topic of workplace mental health and wellbeing. Through the Black Dog Institute users can access information on mentally healthy workplaces, programs for developing mental wellbeing, managing mental health, and supporting others in the workplace. They can also download a factsheet on workplace wellbeing or work through a workplace mental health toolkit of strategies to support Australian worker’s wellbeing. Businesses across New South Wales can apply for mental health training with Black Dog Institute to improve mental health literacy and reduce stigma across workplaces.

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Mental Health in the Workplace


Headspace is an organisation dedicated to supporting the mental health of young Australians between 12 and 25 years old. Their website provides a range of information to help young people cope and take care of their mental health, including mental health in the workplace. Users can access information and strategies for taking care of their mental health before starting a new job and managing their mental health in the workplace, and tips for maintaining mental wellbeing at work.

heads up logo

Heads Up


Heads Up is a program developed by Beyond Blue to provide workplaces and individuals with the tools to create mentally healthy workplaces. Through their website Heads Up provides information on mental wellbeing in the workplace, work-related stress, workplace bullying, and actionable strategies for a healthy workplace. Users can also access personal stories, online programs, and webinars on workplace wellness to start making changes in their workplace.

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Workplace Training


Lifeline Australia offers training programs and information through their website to build resilience in the workplace. Lifeline focuses on improving mental health and wellbeing to build a more mentally healthy workplace and increase productivity. This training can be delivered virtually or self-directed.

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Mensline Australia is a national phone and online support service, providing information, counselling, and referral services to men with family and relationship concerns. The website includes information on work-related stress for men, what it is, how to avoid or manage it, and how to avoid bringing it home. They provide advice on reducing stress, finding work-life balance, and happiness in the workplace.

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NewAccess is a program developed by Beyond Blue to provide coaching and support for individuals experiencing stressed or overwhelmed with everyday life, such as work. Users can complete an online assessment and receive up to face-to-face or phone sessions with a NewAccess coach. During the program users receive practical tools to tackle whatever pressures they may be facing and track their progress over the course of the program.

R U OK logo


Workplace Champions


R U OK? is an organisation dedicated to the prevention of suicide and creating meaningful connections between people. Their website includes resources and information to help individuals improve their mental health and support others. One of the resources R U OK? offers is Workplace Champion, helping individuals to create a healthy culture in the workplace where individuals feel comfortable to ask and answer the question ‘Are you ok?’. This resource is designed to help business leaders, managers, owners, and employees have regular, meaningful conversations in the workplace and create a culture of safety and support for all.

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Workplace Bullying


ReachOut is an online mental health service for young people, including information, peer-support, referral tools, and support resources to help build mental wellbeing. Through their website, ReachOut offers information and strategies on a range of issues relating to mental health, including workplace bullying. ReachOut also offers a workplace bullying action plan, providing steps to face workplace bullying, towards yourself or someone else, and how to move forward.

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SANE Australia

Managing Stress at Work


SANE Australia is a national mental health resource supporting people affected by complex mental health issues. They offer information, stories, peer-support, and counselling support on a range of topics relating to mental health, including work-related stress. Users can access information on what work-related stress is and tips on how to manage it.

smiling mind logo

Smiling Mind

Mindfulness at work


Smiling Mind provides tools and information for young people to help combat mental illness and improve mental wellbeing through mindfulness. The Smiling Mind website aims to teach users about the benefits of mindfulness, including mindfulness in the workplace. They provide information on how mindfulness can be used to manage stress and emotions in the workplace, as well as mindfulness and meditation training to build mentally healthy workplaces.


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