Supporting Families During the Holidays: How Health Professionals Can Address Alcohol Misuse

Supporting Families During the Holidays: How Health Professionals Can Address Alcohol Misuse

As we enter the holiday season, the pressure to drink alcohol socially is ramping up. It’s important to acknowledge the challenges that some families face at this time of year, particularly those with loved ones affected by alcohol use problems. Alcohol misuse doesn’t operate in isolation; its effects ripple through the entire family unit. The emotional and psychological impacts can be significant, leading to disruptions in relationships and heightened stress levels over the holiday season.

How Digital Tools Can Help

In today’s landscape, digital tools are proving to be useful in the effort to address alcohol misuse. Digital tools can either be used alone or with the support of a health practitioner through blended care. These interventions enhance accessibility and convenience for individuals and families seeking support.

Strategies for Health Professionals

Health professionals play a crucial role in identifying and addressing alcohol misuse within families and there are a number of ways that they can use relevant digital tools. For example, health professionals may recommend screening tools and digital assessments to family members who may be worried about a loved one’s alcohol consumption. Educational resources can help family members gain insight into the challenges their loved one is facing.

To directly support an individual struggling with alcohol misuse, there are a number of online tools, mobile apps and self-help resources, which can be integrated into treatment plans. Digital tools can be particularly helpful over the holidays, providing support for patients between sessions. With health practitioners taking holidays themselves, resources like these can prove beneficial ensuring continuous assistance during periods when direct in-person support may be limited.

It is clear that health professionals play a pivotal role in addressing alcohol misuse within families. By embracing digital tools, we can enhance the support given to those struggling with alcohol misuse and their loved ones, making interventions more accessible and convenient. As we navigate the holiday season, it’s crucial to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for families facing these challenges, emphasising that help is available.

There are a number of Australian, evidence-based, free digital resources available that you may like to try with clients or families struggling with alcohol misuse.

Online Tools


Self-help tools, factsheets and online programs for alcohol use, anxiety and depression.

Family and Friend Support Program

Programs for people who live in remote areas that are supporting someone using alcohol and/or other drugs.


Hello Sunday Morning: Daybreak App

An app to help individuals change their relationship with alcohol, with professional and community support.

The Right Mix logo

On Track with The Right Mix

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

An app to help individuals keep track of their drinking over time.

Phone Services

Counselling Online logo

Counselling Online

Online, text-based service to communicate with a professional counsellor about personal alcohol or drug use or that of a loved one.

Information Services

Turning Point

Information and self-assessment tools for addictions. These can be used by health professionals, individuals struggling with alcohol misuse or family members worried about a loved one.

For more information, read our factsheet to see what other services are out there for alcohol misuse.

Digital Mental Health for Alcohol Use Problems