Supporting a Friend with Mental Health Concerns

Supporting a Friend with Mental Health Concerns

There are a range of digital mental health resources available in various formats providing information and support to people facing mental health and wellbeing concerns. While many of these resources are aimed at connecting users with counselling or self-help services, many of the services also provide information and advice for friends and families supporting loved ones with a mental health condition.

The resources below are designed to support not only an individual’s mental health concerns but their friends and families as well. They provide advice, strategies and tips on how to support someone with a mental health issue while still taking care of their own mental health.

1800RESPECT logo


Supporting Someone

1800 737 732

1800RESPECT is a national telephone and online counselling service for people experiencing sexual, domestic, and family violence. Their website includes a range of information on healthy relationships, violence, abuse, and finding support, including information and advice for how individuals can support someone else.

Beyond blue logo

Beyond Blue

Talking to someone you are worried about

1300 22 4626

Beyond Blue is on online and telephone support service providing counselling, peer support, and information for depression and anxiety. Their website includes guidance on how to talk to someone you are worries about, starting the conversation and tips on what to say and why. Through the Beyond Blue online forums, users can access support for themselves or advice from other people supporting loved ones with a depression and anxiety.

Beyond Now logo


Information for family and friends

BeyondNow is a suicide safety planning app and online tool where individuals can create a digital safety plan they can work through when they’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis. BeyondNow invites users to list loved ones in their safety plan as a supporter. Supporters can be involved with the development of their loved one’s safety plan, define the type of support they will provide, and talking about how their support can be improved into the future.

blue knot foundation logo

Blue Knot Foundation


1300 657 380

Blue Knot Foundation is a service for adults who have experienced childhood trauma and abuse, providing telephone and email counselling, information, and referral services. Their website includes information and advice for supporters of childhood trauma and abuse, encouraging healing within relationships.

butterfly foundation logo

Butterfly Foundation

Concerned about someone you know?

The Butterfly Foundation offers telephone and online counselling, referral, support, psychoeducation and moderated online support for eating disorders and body image issues. Their website includes information for people concerned about someone they know. Users can access tips on caring for someone with an eating disorder, how to support someone with an eating disorder, identifying warning signs, and how to start a conversation.

canteen logo


Friends and Family

CanTeen is a national phone, online and email counselling and information service for young people coping with cancer. Their website includes information and advice for friends and family supporting someone diagnosed with cancer or young people dealing with cancer in the family.

centre for clinical interventions logo

Centre for Clinical Interventions

Looking After Others

The Centre for Clinical Interventions provides information and online self-help workbooks and modules for a range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep and more. Through their website users can access resources for themselves or for looking after others.

COPE logo


Family and Friends

The Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) provides information for expectant and new parents, and advice on where to get support. Their website includes information for family and friends on how to adjust to relationship changes, and how to support new parents who they suspect may not be managing or coping.

Counselling Online logo

Counselling Online

Helping Others

Counselling Online provides telephone and online counselling, and self-help modules for alcohol and other drug users, their friends and families. Their website includes information on understanding addiction, making change and help others. Users can learn about identifying signs of a problem and starting the conversation, as well as ways to take care of themselves while supporting someone with an addiction.

Eating Disorders Qld logo

Eating Disorders QLD

Families, Carers and Key Support People

Eating Disorders Queensland provides free information, downloads, videos, and other resources for eating disorders. Families, carers and supporters can access information about eating disorders, treatment options and advice on supporting someone coping with an eating disorder.

eating disorders victoria logo

Eating Disorders Victoria

For family and friends

1300 550 236

Eating Disorders Victoria is online resource providing information, resources, and stories of recovery for people affected by eating disorders. Their website includes information for the family and friends of someone with an eating disorder, including warning signs, how to approach someone you are concerned about, as well as tips and guidance on how to support them.

headspace logo


For friends and family

Headspace is a national youth service providing information, online peer support and resources to support young people with life issues, health and wellbeing concerns, mental health, alcohol and drug use, work and study. Their website includes information for the friends and family of young people on how to raise issues, resolve problems and supporting a loved one.

gambling help online logo

Gambling Help Online

Helping Others

Gambling Help Online provides 24hr telephone, online and email counselling for people dealing with problem gambling. Their website includes information and advice for people helping someone, including how to identify signs of a problem, starting the conversation and helping someone access support.

Griefline logo


Supporting someone experiencing grief and loss

Griefline is a phone and online counselling service for people experiencing loss and grief. Their website includes a range of grief and loss resources including information and advice for supporting someone experiencing grief and loss.

guiding light logo

Guiding Light

Supporting the Grieving Parents Support Library

Guiding Light is a phone and online counselling service from Red Nose, providing information and support for individuals and families experiencing loss and grief. Through their website people can access a library of resources, including resources for supporting a grieving parent. This library includes articles, videos, brochures, and online communities providing information and guidance for how to support parents and families following the sudden unexpected death of a baby or young child.

hello sunday morning logo

Hello Sunday Morning

Helping Friend and Family

Hello Sunday Morning is a website providing support to people trying to change their relationship with alcohol, including information for helping friends and family. Users can access tips for what to do if they are concerned about someone, how to know if a person is ready to change, how to start a conversation about their drinking, and more.

lifeline logo


I’m worried about someone

13 11 14

Lifeline is a crisis support and suicide prevention service providing phone and online chat services for anyone struggling with suicide. Their website provides information for people worried about someone they know, including advice on what to do if you notice someone struggling, how to check-in, common triggers, strategies for prevent suicide and real stories of hope. Individuals can also speak to a Lifeline Crisis Supporter over the phone for personal advice on how to talk to someone struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Phoenix australia logo

Phoenix Australia

Helping Others

Phoenix Australia is a not-for-profit organisation promoting recovery and improved wellbeing for Australians affected by trauma. Their website includes information and advice for families and friends supporting someone coming to terms with a traumatic event. They provide guidance on providing practical and emotional support, as well as how to look after themselves while supporting someone else and how to connect a loved one with support services if they are having trouble coping.

R U OK logo


R U OK? is a harm prevention charity aimed at encouraging people to form meaningful connections and have conversations to support people through difficult times. Their website includes tips and guidance on how to start a conversation and ask ‘are you okay?’

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Aus logo

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia

I KNow Someone

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia is a telephone and online counselling service for people whose lives have been impacted by sexual assault. Their website includes information on how to support someone who has experiences sexual, domestic or family violence and managing the impact on their own life.

ReachOut logo


ReachOut is an up-to-date information and support resource for young people on a range of topics including relationships, sexuality, identity, gender and mental health. Through their website young people can access information and advice on how to take care of their own wellbeing, as well as information on how to support someone else.

suicide call back service logo

Suicide Call Back Service

Worried about someone

The Suicide Call Back Service is a 24hr telephone and online counselling service for people at risk of or bereaved by suicide. Through their website includes information and advice for people worried about someone, such as how to identify warning signs, starting a conversation, helping someone to seek help, supporting someone after a suicide attempt and more.

Sane australia logo

SANE Australia

Friends, Family and Carers Forum

SANE Australia is an information guide and self-help resource supporting people with complex mental health issues. Their website includes information for friends, family and carers, as well as a moderated discussion forum where people can discuss issues and seek advice from peers.

The Check-in app

The Check-in App from Beyond Blue is a free resource helping people check-in with friends and family and coaching young people through supporting their friends. This app aims to help take the fear out of having a conversation with a struggling friend, working through where to check in, what to say, and how to support a friend.

you are not alone logo

You Are Not Alone

Caring for a Carer

The You Are Not Alone website, developed by SANE Australia, provides information and tools for carers supporting someone who has attempted or is at risk of suicide. They provide carers with information and advice to understand suicide attempts, carers rights and responsibilities and how to respond to a patient’s needs while looking after themselves. The website also includes advice for people supporting a carer.

My Grief

My Grief is an online grief and bereavement support service providing practical strategies on how friends and family can best support someone experiencing grief. Through the app and online program, users answer a series of questions and are provided with a range of tailored strategies to address your bereavement challenges.