Staying Up To Date with Digital Mental Health

Staying Up To Date with Digital Mental Health

There are a wide range of digital mental health services and information about mental health and wellbeing out there and it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. E-newsletters are a great resource to stay in the know on all things digital mental health.

We have compiled a list of available newsletters from digital mental health service providers and reputable organisations. These are helpful for health professionals through to individuals seeking regular information about mental health for themselves or a loved one. These newsletter services are free to subscribe and provide information, updates, and news on a wide range of topics.

emhprac logo


Topics: Stress/Wellbeing

The latest news on resources, research, digital mental health services, as well as upcoming events and opportunities.

Head to Health logo

Head to Health

Topics: Stress/Wellbeing

Regular updates on information and resources to support your mental health and wellbeing.

WellMob logo


Topics: Indigenous and Other Cultures, Stress/Wellbeing

Highlights useful online resources, provide tips for the health and wellbeing workforce and provides the latest news on using mental health resources with Indigenous clients.

AIMhi Stay Strong

Topics: Indigenous and Other Cultures

The latest news, upcoming events and information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health.

1800RESPECT logo


Topics: Relationships, Trauma

The latest sector news, information, current case studies, articles, resources and more for anyone interested in sexual assault, domestic and family violence prevention.

ACON logo


Topics: LGBTIQA+, Physical Health Problems, Relationships, Stress/Wellbeing, Substance Use & Addictive Behaviours

The latest ACON news and events for the physical, social and mental health of LGBTIQA+ Australians.

act belong commit logo


Topics: Older Adults, Depression, Stress/Wellbeing

The latest news updates and news about taking care of your own mental wellbeing and healthy activities for organisations.

ahead for business

Ahead for Business

Topics: Anxiety, Depression, Stress/Wellbeing

Resources from the Ahead for Business digital hub, along with events and services from the small business community, and other small business news.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF)

Topics: Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours

The latest Alcohol and Drug Foundation news, updates and important information.

Autism Connect

Amaze Autism Connect

Topics: Child and Youth, Pregnancy and Parenting, Physical Health Problems, Stress/Wellbeing

The latest news, events and information for Australia’s autism community, including advocacy updates, research, opportunities to get involved and other relevant information.

Black Dog Institute

Topics: General Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals

The latest mental health research, resources, events and training opportunities. Black Dog Institute provides 3 different sign-up options for subscribers to stay up-to-date with Black Dog Institute, capacity building opportunities and resources (for General Practitioners) and current information about online resources and upcoming programs (for Allied Health Professionals).

blue knot foundation logo

Blue Knot Foundation

Topics: Carers, Trauma

Helpful articles, stories, resources and news of interest to adult survivors of complex trauma, their family, friends, partners and loves ones as well as community members. Can also be of interest to practitioners working with people with lived experience of abuse, neglect, violence and other repeated trauma.

butterfly foundation logo

Butterfly Foundation

Topics: Carers, Child and Youth, Eating Disorders

A round-up of eating disorders and body image news, events, support and articles.

canteen logo


Topics: Child and Youth, Physical Health Problems

The latest Canteen news and updates for people impacted by cancer, parents and families, health professionals or researchers, and people interested in getting involved with Canteen or Canteen events.

Eating. Disorders Families Australia logo

Eating Disorders Families Australia

Topics: Carers, Pregnancy and Parenting, Eating Disorders

Up-to-date information, education sessions, resources and more for parents and carers.

Eating Disorders Qld logo

Eating Disorders Queensland

Topics: Carers, Pregnancy and Parenting, Eating Disorders

The latest news and updates for individuals recovering from an eating disorder, carers and professionals.

eating disorders victoria logo

Eating Disorders Victoria

Topics: Carers, Pregnancy and Parenting, Eating Disorders

Monthly Eating Disorders Victoria email on current news, events employment opportunities, training and professional development workshops. Fortnightly Recovery newsletter focusing on an aspect of recovery from an eating disorder and a monthly Carer newsletter covering topics related to the carer experience.

Emerging Minds logo

Emerging Minds

Topics: Pregnancy and Parenting, Trauma

News, resources and events relevant to the field of infant, child and adolescent mental health, keeping our family focus in mind.

esafety commissioner logo

eSafety Commissioner

Topics: Child and Youth, Pregnancy and Parenting

The latest online safety information and updates including new eSafety resources, online issues, events, blogs and the latest research.


Topics: Suicide Prevention

All the latest information, news and events on prevention-focused programs into mental health and suicide prevention.

Full Stop Australia

Topics: LGBTIQA+, Relationships

Occasional updated on Full Stop’s work, events and information.

gambling help logo

Gambling Help NSW

Topics: Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours

Policy news, case studies, recent research updates and more from the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling.

Griefline logo


Topics: Grief and loss

Stay up-to-date with Griefline news and programs.

Harrison Riedel Foundation

Topics: Child and Youth, Relationships, Suicide Prevention

The latest news, resources and progress on Harrison Riedel Foundation, including the latest updated on the YourCrew app.

hello sunday morning logo

Hello Sunday Morning

Topics: Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours

The latest blogs, media articles and personal stories on changing your relationship with alcohol from Hello Sunday Morning.

HitNet logo


Topics: Indigenous and Other Cultures

The latest news and updates on indigenous mental health and HitNet projects.

Inside Out logo

Inside Out Institute for Eating Disorders

Topics: Eating Disorders

The latest updates, news and events.

Life in Mind logo

Life in Mind

Topics: Suicide Prevention

The latest research updates, suicide prevention news, sector updates and more.

National Association for Loss and Grief

Topics: Grief and loss

Stay up-to-date with upcoming events, training sessions and more.

No to Violence logo

No To Violence

Topics: Relationships

The latest No to Violence updates, national updates, news and information on ending violence against women and children.

Our Watch

Topics: Relationships

The latest news and information on the prevention of violence against women and Our Watch resources.

PANDA logo


Topics: Pregnancy and Parenting, Anxiety, Depression, Stress/Wellbeing

Personal stories, research, inspiration and all the latest updates.

Phoenix australia logo

Phoenix Australia

Topics: Trauma

The latest news, events and research findings on posttraumatic mental health.

positive choices logo

Positive Choices

Topics: Child and Youth, Indigenous and Other Cultures, Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours

The latest research, resources, and training for parents, teachers and health professionals.

pregnancy birth and baby logo

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Topics: Pregnancy and Parenting

Monthly pregnancy email with information and advice for pregnant mothers on body changes, their baby’s development and the available tests and scans. Monthly newborn email providing information and advice on caring for a baby including feeding, getting them to sleep, settling a crying baby and more practical tips.


R U Ok?

Topics: Suicide Prevention

Conversation tips, news and insights from R U OK? staff, experts and supporters.

raising children network logo

Raising Children Network

Topics: Pregnancy and Parenting

A range of newsletters for pregnancy through to the teenage years providing information about raising children and looking after yourself, or for professionals working with families.


Topics: Carers, Child and Youth, Pregnancy and Parenting, Grief and Loss, Physical Health Problems

The latest news and updates on RedKite services, for families and health professionals.

relationships australia logo

Relationships Australia

Topics: Relationships

Stay connected with the latest updates and information on relationship support services in Australia.

Sane australia logo

SANE Australia

Topics: Carers, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, OCD, Physical Health Problems, Stress/Wellbeing, Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours, Suicide Prevention, Trauma

The latest news and updates on SANE Australia resources, research and more.

Sleep Health Foundation

Topics: Physical Health Problems

Regular updates and information on sleep health research, program development, upcoming events and more.

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

Topics: Depression, Suicide Prevention

The latest updates on the STRIDE Project developments, research and more.

this way up logo

This Way Up

Topics: Child and Youth, Indigenous and Other Cultures, Pregnancy and Parenting, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Physical Health Problems, Stress/Wellbeing, Trauma

Updates about This Way Up programs and research, and tips to improve your wellbeing.

trauma and greif network logo

Trauma and Grief Network

Topics: Carers. Trauma

The latest information and updates on the care of children and adolescents affected by the impact of trauma, loss and grief.

Turning Point

Topics: Carers, Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours

Information on Turning Point seminar series, professionals development training and other projects.

Way Ahead

Topics: Stress/Wellbeing

The latest Way Ahead news, programs and offers, as well as mental health and wellbeing stories, news and research.

Wellways logo


Topics: Stress/Wellbeing

The latest news and updates on mental health, wellbeing and Wellways services.