Digital Mental Health: Empowering LGBTIQA+ Pride

Digital Mental Health: Empowering LGBTIQA+ Pride

Every year in June we celebrate Pride Month across the globe, celebrating the LGBTIQA+ community and honouring their ongoing challenges and struggle for equality. Pride month promotes visibility, equality and acceptance for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning individuals, as well as other sexual orientations and gender identities. This month aims to foster a sense of unity and inclusivity, creating space for LGBTIQA+ individuals and their allies to express themselves and raise awareness of common goals,.

Pride month is a time of celebration and reflection, serving as an opportunity to encourage conversation, promote understanding, and highlight the importance of acceptance, respect and equality for all individuals. For many, this journey to acceptance is paved with significant internal and societal challenges which can have a significant impact on mental wellbeing.

People who are gender, bodily, or sexually diverse or questioning are at an increased risk of mental health problems and often face unique challenges. Digital mental health services offer privacy and sensitivity to issues that are commonly faced by the LGBTIQA+ community. There are many digital services available tailored to the specific needs of the LGBTIQA+ community, providing accessible and inclusive support that addresses the unique challenges and experiences of LGBTIQA+ individuals.

Digital Mental Health Services

ACON logo


ACON is a community organisation helping to support the physical, social and mental health of LGBTI people. Their website includes a range of helpful information, tips sheets and guides on a range of topics affecting the LGBTI community, including mental health.

Body Talk

Body Talk is an online resource from family planning NSW providing relevant and accurate information about bodies, relationships, identity and health for young people, parents, and carers. The Body Talk website Includes a teacher’s toolkit with education and training resources for teachers and other health, education and welfare professionals.

esafety commissioner logo

eSafety Commissioner

eSafety LBGTIQ+

The eSafety Commissioner website is a hub of information and resources on online safety, to help Australians have safer, more positive online experiences. Their website includes a suite of informational resources and advice for the online safety of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Full Stop

1800 385 578

Rainbow Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Hotline: 1800 487 212

Full Stop is a telephone and online counselling service for people of all genders whose lives have been impacted by sexual, domestic, or family violence, including a specific hotline for anyone from the LGBTIQA+ community. Their trauma specialist counsellors are available 24/7, while information and resource can be accessed from their website anytime.

headspace logo


Headspace is a national service, acting as a one-stop-shop for young people and their families who need help with their mental or physical health. Their website provide resources, information, and expert online and phone support for a range of topics including; understanding sexuality and gender identity. Young people can also access the eheadspace group chats for peer support.

The headspace website includes a range of resources for health professionals to use with clients or for professional development including videos and factsheets on working with LGBTIQA+ youth.

Pivot Point

Pivot Point is an online tool developed by ACON linking members of the LGBTIQ+ community to information and support relating to alcohol and other drug (AOD) use. The Pivot Point website provides information, strategies and support in relation to AOD use, as well as online self-assessment, a library of personal stories and a directory of helpful services.

Qlife logo


1800 2184 527

Australia’s first national phone and online counselling and referrals for people of diverse sex, genders, and sexualities. They provide early intervention and peer-based support for LGBTI people experiencing poor mental health, psychological distress, social isolation, discrimination, and/or other social determinants impacting their health and wellbeing.



ReachOut is a mental health support service for Australian youth and parents. It provides up-to-date information and advice for young people on a range of topics, including relationships, sexuality,  identity, and gender. They also offer peers support through online chat groups and referral tools to help young people stay well.

Say It Out Loud

Say It Out Loud is an online resource aiming to end violence in LGBTQ+ relationships. Their website provides information for LGBTQ+ individuals and communities about healthy relationships and how to find support services.


Touchbase is an online platform developed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, providing information and resources on substance use, mental health and sexual health in the LGBTI community. The website also provides a safe party planning toolkit and personal stories from member of the LGBTI community.

Crisis Support

Kids Helpline

1800 55 1800

Kids Helpline is a free, confidential 24/7 counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25 years. Counselling is available over the phone, online or by email, and staffed by fully qualified professionals.

In addition to their counselling support, Kids Helpline provides evidence-based information on a range of youth mental health topics through their website including; sexual identity, gender identity, understanding intersex variations, LGBTIQ+ language, discrimination, and coming out. Kids Helpline also offers peer support forums.

Beyond blue logo

Beyond Blue

1300 22 4636

Beyond Blue is an Australian mental health organisation, providing support and information on anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, and more. They offer 24/7 telephone counselling, online counselling and peer support to Australian adults and young people.

In addition to their counselling services, the beyond blue website includes a range of information and resources on factors affecting mental health including sexuality and gender, and peer support through their online forum for sexuality and gender identity.

LGBTIQA+ Families

COPE logo


The Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE), is an online support resource for new and expectant parents on family planning, pregnancy, and the emotional challenging of becoming a parent. Their website provides information and links on where to get support for Australian families at various stages including LGBTIQ+ parents expecting a baby and new LGBTIQ+ parents.

Parents of Gender-Diverse Children

Parents of Gender-Diverse Children was developed by the Victorian State Government and Hey Project to support parents to better support their children. They provide peer support, information resources and referrals for parents and carers of transgender and gender-diverse children, to increase awareness, confidence and understanding.

raising children network logo

Raising Children Network

Grown-ups: LGBTIQ+ families

Raising Children Network was designed to support parents and families to grow and thrive together. Their website provides tools, information guides, mobile apps, and other products for all families at any stage of parenting including LGBTIQ+ families and communities.