‘PD’ On-The-Go: The Education Podcasts for Mental Health Professionals That You Should Know About

‘PD’ On-The-Go: The Education Podcasts for Mental Health Professionals That You Should Know About

Instead of being the key to unlocking a world of useful information, technology sometimes feels more like a double-edged sword, hampering us and burdening us under a deluge of blog posts, articles, reels, and memes.

These days, finding information sources to keep our professional knowledge up-to-date—especially sources that are credible, current, and easily accessible—is akin to finding a needle in a haystack: so arduous and time-consuming that we often don’t prioritise it.

In recent years, podcasts have surged in popularity as a means of accessing content on topics of interest (if you can imagine the topic, there’s likely a podcast for it!). They offer experts and content creators a platform to engage directly with their audience, while listeners can tune in at their convenience.

However, with an estimated 3.3 million podcasts available, it’s certainly a daunting task to sift through the haystack and discover those relevant to mental health professionals. Fortunately, we’ve taken on some of the heavy lifting for you by curating a list of the most relevant Australian podcasts for health professionals (including our own ‘Digital Mental Health Musings’ the only podcast dedicated to discussing developments in the Australian digital mental health landscape). Happy listening!

Digital Mental Health Musings


A podcast for those looking to learn more about the digital mental health landscape in Australia. In each episode clinical psychologist and host, Dr Tania McMahon, is joined by experts from across the mental health profession to shed light on the practical ways digital health can help patients or clients and their families and carers, and enhance your own work.

The new season of Digital Mental Health Musings is coming soon, with the first episode set to release on April 30th!

Black Dog Institute Expert insights


A podcast tackling important mental health topics and providing expert knowledge from an for health professionals. In each episode a panel of experts discuss anything and everything to do with mental health, including diagnosis, treatment, and ways of thinking.

MHPN Presents


Engaging conversations between mental health practitioners as they reflect on topics related to mental wellbeing, interdisciplinary practice, and collaborative care.

ANZMHA Pebble in the Pond


A podcast to progress the understanding of mental health for the benefit of all. In each episode host, Sam Stewart, interviews fascination and accomplished people in mental health, including lived experience speakers, researchers, academics, and influential industry leaders.

Emerging Minds Podcast


A podcast offering insightful evidence-informed wisdom from experts in the field. Listen to conversations with experts on a variety of topics related to children’s social and emotional wellbeing, giving listeners a flavour of the work and values of the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health.