Online Modules Equipping Health Professionals with Digital Mental Health Tools

Online Modules Equipping Health Professionals with Digital Mental Health Tools

Written by Leonie Fraser, Black Dog Institute

Following the recent launch of the Health Professional Resource & Education Hub, Black Dog Institute continues to add new resources to the custom-built platform, with a range of offerings including live and recorded webinars, podcasts, factsheets and moderated forums in the Mental Health Community of Practice.

The latest offering is a series of six accredited online learning modules, perfect for GPs and allied health professionals wanting to learn about e-mental health and how to integrate online programs and digital tools into their practice.

By equipping health professionals with knowledge and skills in utilising digital tools, these modules enable them to offer a more comprehensive and personalised approach to mental health care, leveraging technology to support and enhance overall treatment outcomes.

The evidence-based online modules are available free and on demand, taking just one hour to complete. All eMHPrac modules are accredited for one Educational Activity CPD hour. Eligible GPs who complete all six modules will also be accredited for Focused Psychological Strategies CPD (FPS CPD) and Mental Health CPD (MH CPD) (pending approval with the RACGP and GPMHSC).

Existing users of the Health Professional Resource & Education Hub can simply log in to access the latest modules. New users (registered with AHPRA) can sign up for free via this link.

Introduction to e-Mental Health

Gain information about which resources can be used to treat patients experiencing common mental health conditions (within the mild to moderate range).

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Translating Therapy to the Online Environment

Explore the history of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and examine some of the basic principles of this therapy. Observe how CBT translates into the online environment, by looking at the progress of several patients who are using two online therapy programs – e-couch and myCompass.

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Finding and Using e-Mental Health Resources

Learn how to find and access reliable evidence-based e-Mental Health programs, using the Beacon and Head to Health websites.

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Using e-Mental Health – The GP as a Guide

Consider the role of the GP as case manager, for patients using e-Mental Health self-help programs. Case studies will demonstrate how GPs can introduce e-Mental Health to patients and keep patients engaged with e-Mental Health programs.

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Using e-Mental health – Coaching the Patient using e-Mental Health

Explore the ways in which coaching can help patients engage with and adhere to e-Mental Health treatment programs. This program discusses how coaching can be delivered by a patient’s usual GP. It also examines online programs that provide coaching as an integral part of the program.

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Using e-Mental Health with Special Patient Groups and Complex Conditions

Learn about programs designed to meet the needs of patients from specific groups and communities (such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, LGBTQIA+, children and new parents), as well as programs developed for specific diagnoses and co-morbidities. Conclude by looking at future developments planned for e-Mental Health programs created by Australian institutions.

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