November Featured Service: ReachOut

November Featured Service: ReachOut

Our featured service this month is ReachOut, an up-to-date information resource on a range of topics for young people, including relationships and sexuality, and identity and gender. Their website also includes professionally moderated anonymous discussion forums, tools and articles. Established in 1998, ReachOut has been driven and supported by young people ensuring it meets their needs, regardless of their location, identity, gender or sexuality.

About ReachOut

ReachOut is an online mental health and wellbeing resource for all young people and parents in Australia. Providing information and anonymous and confidential support, ReachOut is designed specifically with young people in mind, letting young people connect on their own terms. Their judgment-free support is delivered online from one-to-one peer support and moderated online communities, to tips, stories and resources. Their services also support the supporters of young people – parents, carers and schools, providing them with information, resources and advice to help them better understand the young people in their lives.

ReachOut resources are evidence-based and informed by experts for young people and parents, designed to deliver safe and effective online communities. Their website includes information and resources on a wide range of topics including:

  • Bullying
  • Challenges and coping
  • First Nations wellbeing
  • Identity
  • Mental health issues
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Study, work and money
  • Coronavirus support
  • Trending topics
  • Articles
  • Tools and apps

Who is ReachOut for?

ReachOut is a resource for young people, parents and schools. Designed specifically for young people, ReachOut allows them to engage In the way they want to and when they want to, being available 24/7 with no waitlists. Their website also includes sections for parents and schools, to help them in supporting the young people in their lives.

What is the aim or ReachOut?

ReachOut aims to help young people feel better, providing a safe space for young Australians to express themselves, build resilience and manage their challenges now and in the future.

Their resources for parents aim to help them develop and maintain secure and stable relationships with their teenagers, support and teach them how to seek help or work through issues independently, learn about mental health issues that often have their onset during adolescence, and improve the wellbeing and resilience of families.

ReachOut’s resources for schools aim to facilitate a whole-school approach to student wellbeing, providing engaging activities for students, and credible and flexible resources for teachers.

Is there a cost to use ReachOut?

There is no cost to use ReachOut.

How to access ReachOut

Anyone across Australia can access ReachOut via

ReachOut Research and Evaluation

ReachOut’s research and program evaluations have shown we are effective in helping young people to understand and deal with issues, to connect with others and feel less alone, and to feel more positive about themselves. They are regularly undertaking research and evaluation to better understand their audiences and learn how to improve their services. ReachOut publications, policy submissions and journal articles can be found at