November Featured Service: Gamble Aware

November Featured Service: Gamble Aware

This month our featured service is Gamble Aware, a website providing practical tips to help people experiencing problem gambling get their life back on track. The website connects individuals, their friends and families with information about problem gambling and support resources to start taking control of their gambling.

What is Gamble Aware?

Gamble Aware is a website developed by the New South Wales Government providing free, confidential support for gamblers, their friends and family. The website aims to help people be gamble aware, to take control of their gambling behaviour or help a family member or friend who might have issues with gambling. They provide information about problem gambling, the characteristics, the warning signs to look out for, and practical tips and self-help strategies to help people take control and ‘show gambling who’s boss’.

Gamble Aware also provides links to other support services including the national 24/7 gambling helpline for online and telephone counselling. Through the Gamble Aware website individuals can assess their behaviour to determine if they have a gambling problem by taking a 30 second test.

Who is Gamble Aware for?

Gamble Aware was developed to support anyone, anywhere in Australia, worried about their gambling or seeking to take control of their gambling, as well as family members or friends worried about someone who have issues with gambling.

Is there a cost to use Gamble Aware?

The Gamble Aware website is completely free to access.

How to access Gamble Aware

Gamble Aware is available online at