Navigating Our eMH Directory

Navigating Our eMH Directory

There are a wide range of digital mental health resources out there and it can be hard to filter out the good from the bad. Our eMH Directory aims to help you narrow the search, connecting health professionals with credible, evidence-based and safe services for your clients.

So what are digital mental health services?

Digital mental health services include any digitally delivered mental health tools such as; apps, online programs, telephone services, information sites and online forums. They may be delivered via online, mobile or phone-based platforms and may be self-driven or practitioner guided. They can be used in practice to enhance psycho-education, teach and practice skills both in sessions and between visits, as adjunctive treatment or for crisis support.

The eMH Directory

Our eMH Directory is a digital library of useful Australian digital mental health services and toosl. These resources are grouped by delivery mode, mental health condition and audience to help you narrow the search and find the right service for your client.

Services added to our online directory must meet specific criteria to ensure they are safe, secure, and suitable for you and your clients. Services must be:

Based in Australia

Our directory only includes digital mental health resources based in Australia and delivering digital service nationally or by state. They must be developed by credible Australian sources such as the Australian Government, universities, and non-profit organisations.


We only list digital resources which are supported or informed by published research evidence. This is particularly important for treatment programs and other active intervention services. Research evidence can include publications on trials of the service, and proven delivery modes and treatments such as iCBT.

Free or low-cost

To ensure all the services we list are accessible and focused on treatment outcomes we only list free or low-cost services. Services that run for profit or require a large payment or subscription to access are not eligible for inclusion in our eMH Directory.

Safe and Secure

Data security and online safety are particularly important for digital mental health services as they often store personal information about patients. Our directory only includes services with robust IT safety and security and transparency about how data is stored and who has access to users’ information.

The National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards has been developed by the The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to improve the quality of digital mental health service provision and protect service users and their support people from harm. Accreditation to these standards began in November 2022 as a voluntary process, and over time, these will become the benchmark of safety and quality for digital mental health services.

Learn more about the National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards here.

The eMHPrac eMH Directory is regularly reviewed and updated to include the latest digital mental health service changes. Some new services added to our directory include:

Beyond Silence

A trauma-informed website to help women victim/survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence to name the abuse and seek support.

Crystal Clear

An internet-based brief early intervention for people who are using crystal methamphetamine (ice).


An information website to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of dads who are expecting or have just welcomed a baby into their life.

Go Beyond

An evidence-based, self-directed online program to support Ex-ADF members’ adjustment to civilian life.

Healthtalk Australia

A hub of evidence-based health information and videos of people sharing their health experiences, with links to support services. Topics include ageing, parenthood, fertility, depression, borderline personality disorder, early menopause, wellbeing and mental health experiences.


A research-based online program for young adults with concerns about their anxiety & drinking.

My Circle

A free, private, safe and confidential social platform for 13 to 25 year olds across Australia.

Sleep Ninja

An evidence-based app to help young people aged 12-16 years old improve their sleep.