Navigating Online OCD Treatment: Crafting a Comprehensive Approach with Digital Mental Health Services

Navigating Online OCD Treatment: Crafting a Comprehensive Approach with Digital Mental Health Services

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common mental health condition, affecting around 3% of Australians at some point in their lifetime1. OCD can significantly impact daily life, making simple tasks a source of distress for those affected. Individuals with OCD can benefit significantly from a combination of self-help strategies, psychological therapies, and medication2.

It’s essential for health practitioners to recognise that effective treatment goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Tailoring interventions to suit the individual’s unique needs is paramount for success.

Digital tools are one puzzle piece that can fit into a comprehensive treatment approach for OCD. Information sites and helplines can augment traditional therapy, providing access to valuable resources and information. Many health professionals may be unaware of the existence of robust online treatment programs tailored for OCD. These could be used in a number of ways, serving as a waitlist option to build skills before treatment or integrated into treatment in a blended care approach.

As we navigate the complexities of OCD treatment, health practitioners play a crucial role in guiding their clients toward comprehensive and creative solutions. Recognising this, we have selected a collection of digital resources which you may wish to integrate into your practice.

Online Programs

this way up logo

MindSpot Clinic

OCD Course

An online course to help adults break unhelpful habits and learn core psychological skills. Includes assessment, feedback and therapist support.

OCD not me logo

OCD? Not Me!

An online program including information, practical skills and support for young people (12-18yrs) with OCD.


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OCD and Anxiety Helpline

1300 269 438

A telephone helpline providing support, information and referral to people with OCD or anxiety disorders and their carers.

Information Sites

SANE Australia

A selection of videos, articles and other useful information to break down the stigma surrounding OCD and raise awareness around the condition.