Mindfulness, Meditation and Everyday Mental Wellbeing

Mindfulness, Meditation and Everyday Mental Wellbeing

When discussing mental health, we tend to focus on mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, however, it is important to take care of our mental wellbeing on a day-to-day basis as well. Building strong mental wellbeing can help individuals cope with stress, hopelessness, and depression and combat mental health concerns. Wellbeing encompasses more than just happiness, and also refers to personal satisfaction and fulfilling, meaningful relationships.

Implementing wellbeing practices and making time to take care of your mental health can help build resilience, social support, self-efficacy, and the ability to cope with adversity. Wellbeing allows you to thrive and improve many aspects of your life, both big and small. There are many factors that contribute to wellbeing and a variety of skills to help improve your wellbeing, including mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation is the practice of slowing down your thoughts, calming your body and mind to let go of negativity, and focus on the present. This practice includes a variety of techniques around controlled breathing and awareness of body and mind to enhance everyday experiences and improve brain functionality. Mindfulness and meditation can also be used in the treatment of depression, and mood regulation assistance.

There are many digital resources you can access to learn about mindfulness and meditation, either to practice yourself or use with a client both in and between sessions.

Beyond blue logo

Beyond Blue

Forums: Mindfulness, My Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindfulness


Beyond Blue provides support to Australians with anxiety and depression, and information on a range of topics relating to mental health. Through their website, users can access an online forum on a range of topics including mindfulness and meditation. These forums include discussion on mindfulness techniques, personal stories, and peer support.

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How to Meditate


Headspace is a not-for-profit organization providing information and support to young Australians facing mental health concerns. The Headspace website includes a guide on how to meditate including tips to start practicing meditation and resources to support young people to start meditating.

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HeadGear App


The HeadGear app was developed by Black Dog Institute to build resilience and wellbeing with the 30-day fitness challenge. The app includes relaxation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises intended to develop mental fitness and resilience. The other activities include coping strategies, getting active, improving sleep, and building meaningful connections.

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Healthy Mind

Breathe and Relax


Healthy Mind is an Easy Read tool developed by Black Dog Institute to help people with Intellectual Disability recognise and regulate their thoughts and feelings. The tool offers a range of activities including Breathe and Relax, teaching users how to relax their breathing and relax their body.

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My Digital Health



My Digital Health provides online programs on a range of mental health issues and resources to support practitioners. The iMindTime program teaches mindfulness activities across 6 sessions to help users become more mindful and aware. This course can be undertaken independently or with the support of a practitioner.

Community Wellbeing Resources


The My Digital Health Community Wellbeing Resources were developed from their online wellbeing programs as self-help tools for users to access during the COVID-19 pandemic. These tools cover topics including compassionate meditation, diaphragmic breathing control, and a range of mindfulness tools.

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Everyday Mindfulness


ReachOut provides information and support to young Australians on a range of topics relating to mental health. Their website includes a collection of resources relating to everyday mindfulness a guide to meditating and a series of situational meditation videos.

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Sane Australia



Sane Australia provides information, treatment guidance, and peer support for people experiencing mental health issues. Through their website, users can access information on mindfulness, how it works, the effects, and how to get started with mindfulness.

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Smiling Mind App


Smiling Mind is an app and website teaching mindfulness and meditation to young Australians and adults. Their website includes information on mindfulness and how it can be practiced in schools, at home, or at work. The Smiling Mind app helps users practice daily meditation and mindfulness exercises from their smartphone.

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This Way Up

Mindfulness Program


This Way Up provides information and online CBT courses to support Australians with a range of issues. Through their website, users can access an intro to mindfulness course teaching mindfulness strategies to manage stress and improve overall wellbeing. The course includes 4 lessons covering the principles, practices, and techniques of mindfulness, and how to use them in your life.

There are a range of other resources available to help improve wellbeing and support users to tackle everyday issues. The MindSpot Clinic offers Wellbeing, Wellbeing Plus, and Indigenous Wellbeing courses, to support adults, older adults, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults respectively. Mental Health Online has a range of free treatment courses accessible through their website. KidsHelpline has developed the Niggle App to support young Australians track their wellbeing and ReachOut offers a Recharge app to help users improve their general health and wellbeing. While these resources are not specifically targeted towards mindfulness and meditation, they are designed to support users’ wellbeing and may include some similar techniques.