March Featured Service: THIRRILI

March Featured Service: THIRRILI

Our featured service for March is THIRRILI, Australia’s only Indigenous-led and controlled suicide postvention service. THIRRILI provides emotional and practical support to families impacted by a loss from suicide or other fatal traumatic incidents.


THIRRILI is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2017 with the aim of addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention and postvention. Operating from a strengths-based approach, they provide crucial support to empower individuals, families and communities suffering grief, loss and trauma due to the loss of a loved one through suicide or other critical incidents. The support THIRILLI provides is culturally safe, respectful and responsive, aiming to strengthen resilience and wellbeing of communities by drawing on ancestral connections and cultural ways of knowing, being and doing.

THIRRILIs services include a postvention support line available 24/7 for bereaved families and individuals. Staffed entirely by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocates, the support line aims to complement the work done by local services, providing a space for people to discuss their needs and provide access to support. They provide practical social support, link people with local social, health and community services and, where appropriate, continue to work with local services to ensure care and support continues beyond the immediate aftermath.

What are the benefits of using THIRRILI

By contacting THRILLI individuals, families and communities can access culturally safe social support and practical assistance from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocates. The staff at THIRRILI understand and respect the culture of the people they are supporting in order to provide culturally responsive support.

Who is THIRRILI for

THIRRILI is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities impacted by a loss from suicide or other fatal traumatic incidents.

Is there a cost to use THIRRILI

There is no cost to use THIRRILI.

How to access THIRRILI

THIRRILI can be accessed online at or by calling 1800 805 801. The Postvention Advocate phone line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.