Managing Mental Health Online During Uncertain Times

Managing Mental Health Online During Uncertain Times

There is a great deal going on in the world lately and this can increase feelings of uncertainty and worry about the future for many people. They may feel concerned about the global pandemic, the economy, the environment, or their finances, health, and relationships. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, grief, and worry. However, it is important to realise that there are support services that can help someone deal with uncontrollable circumstances, alleviate anxiety, and face the unknown with more confidence.

Digital mental health services are a quick and easy way to access this support. These can help individuals manage their mental health and wellbeing and assist health practitioners to support their clients. They include web-based programs, apps, moderated forums, telephone, and online counselling services, and information sites. Some programs offer practitioner support whereas others can be self-guided. Specific services and resources are listed below:



ReachOut logo

ReachOut WorryTime

An app to help control everyday stress and anxiety by giving you a place to store worries and alerting you when it’s time to think about them. Once users have entered their worries into the app, they can choose a time of day to think what is causing worry, and manage the symptoms of anxiety, worry and rumination.

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MindSpot Clinic

Wellbeing Course

Free, online, self-guided CBT programs for a range of mental health conditions and wellbeing issues. Access to qualified therapists is provided. The Wellbeing Course aims to help adults manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, teaching core skills to improve their confidence, and better control their symptoms.

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Free online cognitive behaviour therapy program for depression and anxiety. The program has been developed by the National Institute for Mental Health Research, helping people track their symptoms and build resilience.

Grief and Loss

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1300 845 307

Phone and online counselling services, and moderated forums for individuals and families who are experiencing loss and grief. They provide free counselling for anyone experiencing grief, loss or any related feelings to help people cope with their experiences.

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

Education and training for professionals and consumers on grief and loss. Their aim is to support individuals, communities, and organisations to enhance wellbeing following adverse life events.


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Stress Management Program

Online, self-guided CBT programs to help improve mood, anxiety and stress levels. Own clinician assisted option available. The Stress Management Program teaches coping, self-care, and problem-solving strategies for managing stress. THIS WAY UP also offers programs for managing depression, anxiety, worry and sleep problems.

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A free self-help interactive program with modules teaching evidence-based strategies drawn from CBT and interpersonal therapies. e-Couch includes multiple sub-programs for social anxiety, generalised anxiety, depression, divorce and separation, loss, and bereavement.

black dog institute logo, my compass text


A free, online interactive self-help CBT service for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and stress, or people who simply want to build good mental health. The program supports real-time monitoring of symptoms, behaviours, and interactive skill-building modules.

Sleep Problems

centre for clinical interventions logo

Centre for Clinical Intervention


Self-help workbooks for a range of mental health issues and audio files guiding you through relaxation techniques. Their resources for looking after yourself include information and worksheets for improving sleep health.

Sleep Health Foundation

Factsheet, resources, and tips regarding common sleep problems. Their aim is to advocate for healthy sleep and improve people’s lives through better sleep.

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My Digital Health


A biopsychosocial web and mobile-based intervention program for insomnia. The program is comprised of 6 modules, including self monitoring of sleep, how to increase sleep flexibility, sleep hygiene and how to enhance thinking and wellness flexibility.


smiling mind logo

Smiling Mind

A free website and app teaching mindfulness meditation to young people and adults.

black dog institute logo, health mind text

Healthy Mind

An Easy Read program to help young people with intellectual disability to recognise and regulate their thoughts and feelings. The program was developed by Black Dog Institute, providing practical strategies, facilitating safe conversations about mental health, provide additional support to face-to-face therapy.

Young People

niggle app logo


An app that helps young people track their wellbeing and find info, quizzes, videos, podcasts, and tips to help tame their ‘niggles’ and improve their social and emotional health.

the brave program logo

The Brave Program

Prevention, intervention, and treatment of anxiety in young people. The Brave Program was developed by researchers at the University of Queensland and University of Southern Queensland to teach young people skills to reduce anxiety and cope with stressful situations.

kids helpline logo

Kids Helpline

24/7 phone and online counselling for youth (5-25yrs). Their website also includes information on a range of issues relevant to young people.