Managing a Gambling Disorder Online

Managing a Gambling Disorder Online

Gambling is a common activity in Australia, from buying lottery tickets to betting. During events such as the Melbourne Cup earlier this week many Australians participated in betting on the races, however for some these events can be difficult and cause financial distress.

Gambling disorders occur when individuals find it difficult to stop or their gambling activity starts to impact their relationships, study, work, financial or mental health and they continue to gamble anyway.

Digital mental health services can be a great tool used alone or in combination with face-to-face therapy to help individuals recognise problem gambling, look at their own relationship with gambling, manage their feelings and behaviour, and get their life back on track.

eMHPrac has a helpful factsheet called ‘Digital Mental Health for Gambling Disorder’ exploring the characteristics of gambling disorder and suggesting suitable digital mental health resources. Some of these resources are listed below.

Information Sites


Gambling Addictions

An online mental health service for young people and their families providing information and moderated peer support on a range of topics. Their website includes information about gambling, signs of a gambling addiction, the negative impacts, and ways to get help online, over the phone or in person.

Gambler’s Help

Developed in collaboration with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and Victorian Government, Gambler’s Help provides real stories, information, and links to access support for gambling. Gambler’s Help is designed for individuals, families, friends, young people, and First Nations people, and includes support in languages other than English.

Gamble Aware

A website providing information about problems gambling, the signs, and practical tips to help people ‘show gambling who’s boss’ and get their life back on track. They also provide links to a 24/7 helpline and online counselling.

Phone Services

gambling help online logo

National Gambling Helpline

1800 858 858

Informed by extensive research and expert advice, Gambling Help Online provides 24/7 telephone, online and email counselling, SMS services, and online peer support. Their website provides information, and support for anyone affected by gambling.

National Debt Helpline

1800 007 007

The National Debt Helpline provides free, confidential telephone or online chat support where people can speak to professional financial counsellors to help them get back on track. Their website includes information on a range of topics relating to debt problems and solutions.

Online Programs

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Gambling Help Online

Nine self-help modules designed to provide strategies and tools to help you address different aspects of your gambling. Gambling Help Online is recommended to be used with your own therapist. They also provide 24/7 counselling, information and support for anyone affected by gambling.


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Smiling Mind

Digital Detox Program

Smiling Mind is a website and app teaching mindfulness and meditation to young people and adults. Developed by psychologists and educators to help users practice daily meditation and mindfulness practices, the app includes a digital detox program support individuals to take a break from technology and reconnect with their surroundings. This program can help people break the habit of gambling on their mobile device.