July Featured Service: Inclusee

July Featured Service: Inclusee

This month’s featured service is Inclusee, a social connection program that connects seniors to friendly volunteers, supporting them to be happy, healthy, and socially active. Ahead of World Senior Citizens Day we decided to take a look at how digital tools can help support older adults. While older adults are often stereotyped as having limited experience with digital technologies, there is emerging evidence that shows older adults have excellent adherence to digital interventions.

Inclusee, formerly known as Aurous Digital, are leaders in connection and positively enhancing the lives of older Australians. Their goal is to increase inclusiveness and connection by creating a community where everyone feels valued, comfortable and can belong.

About Inclusee

The Inclusee community is a place where people can make new connections and revisit old ones, learn new skills, and find enjoyment in activities, interests, and events. Their digital programs provide companionship and comfort to community participants. Whether connecting with individuals, groups, or family and friends, Inclusee’s support programs aim to help older Australians who are vulnerable to loneliness and isolation. Inclusee includes two digital support programs;


A digital visiting program where Inclusee volunteers connect with a matched participant weekly to chat and check-in. The program focuses on social connection with participants free to talk about anything they wish such as their current life, hobbies, interests and life experiences.


Inclusee’s virtual community centre where participants and volunteers can drop in and talk about anything and everything. Connect2You is open to the entire Inclusee community between 8am and 5pm weekdays for anyone who feels like having a chat or feeling lonely.

Who is Inclusee for?

Inclusee’s specialised programs are designed for participants and volunteers to connect, learn and enjoy. Their programs are open to seniors in specific aged care planning regions in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, as their programs are funded by various government grants.

Is there a cost to use Inclusee?

Inclusee is completely free for participants; however, some eligibility conditions apply.

How to access Inclusee

Inclusee can be accessed online at www.inclusee.org.au or over the phone at 1800 287 687.