How To Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

How To Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Mentally healthy workplaces come in many forms but can commonly be characterized by; positive workplace culture, stress management, support for employees with mental health conditions, and zero-tolerance to discrimination. When employees feel good about coming to work and are supported by their workplace their resilience is enhanced for increased productivity and enjoyment.

There are many factors that can negatively contribute towards an employees mental health in the workplace, such as stress, interpersonal issues and lack of support. When an employee feels overworked or unsupported by their employer their mental health can be negatively affected, leading to burnout, or increasing their risk of developing a mental health condition.

Digital mental health resources can be a great resource for organizations or individuals seeking to improve or prevent mental health issues in the workplace. They can provide information, self-monitoring tools, peer support, practitioner support, wellbeing management, prevention or early intervention, treatment and support between or while waiting for face to face support.

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Heads Up

Heads Up is an online resource developed by Beyond Blue providing individuals and businesses with the tools to create more mentally healthy workplaces. It encourages everyone in the workplace to participate in creating a mentally healthy work environment, take care of their own mental health and look out for colleagues. Their website includes a wide range of information, advice, and interactive tools.


iYarn is an app and website based resource supporting people to connect and check in with each other to build stronger social relationships and help with feelings of stress, anxiety, isolation and depression. The program is simple to use and highly customizable with flexible check-ins, chats and insights to identify issues and opportunities. The purposeful check-ins encourage expression, providing a safe space for users to be vulnerable, share stories and be understood.


Mindarma is an evidence-based e-learning program developed to address suffering in the workplace by building resilience and equipping workers with essential skills. The program includes 10 sessions, each taking about 15 minutes which can be completed at any time from anywhere to work around any work schedule.

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The HeadGear app was developed by Black Dog Institute guiding users through a 30-day mental fitness challenge to build resilience and wellbeing, and prevent things like depression and anxiety. It features a range of simple, engaging daily activities based on scientifically proven techniques to help reduce stress, improve sleep, deal with difficult situations and build better connections.

Black Dog Institute Workplace Programs

Blac Dog Institute offer a range of evidence-based workplace mental health training programs to improve the mental health of individuals, teams, and organisations. Their programs can be customized to individual workplace needs, with a focus on achieving sustainable outcomes and improving confidence and knowledge of managing mental health.

Digital mental health resources such as those above can be self-directed by individuals facing work-related mental health challenges or integrated into a organizations mental health and wellbeing strategy. Find out more about how to incorporate digital options for mental health support into employee wellbeing plans and how to use them to support your own wellbeing by downloading our factsheet on Digital Mental Health in the Workplace or catch a presentation by Directory Heidi Sturk at the Workplace Wellness Festival!