Happy Holiday Wishes from eMHPrac

Happy Holiday Wishes from eMHPrac

The eMHPrac team wishes everyone a very happy holiday season and new year. As we head into the new year we wanted to take some time to reflect on some of our key achievements.

Participated in 26 national conferences

During 2022 eMHPrac attended 26 national conferences with over 22,000 delegates, through presentations and trade exhibits. These conferences covered many areas of mental health care including; frontline mental health, child and adolescent mental health, addiction, doctors and health workers, rural health, Indigenous wellbeing, domestic violence and more. During these events members of the eMHPrac team presented various workshops and presentations on understanding digital mental health, finding digital mental health resources and how to integrate them into care.

Presented 55 tailored presentations, webinars and workshops

In addition to presenting at conferences across Australia our team presented multiple face-to-face and online presentations and workshops. These presentations provided tailored training to allied health professionals and organisations, helping them integrate digital mental health into their work.

Resource development and distribution

The eMHPrac team was hard at work in 2022, adding 20 new resources to our resource library and releasing more than 49 new blog articles. We added 12 new factsheets on digital mental health for domestic, family and sexual violence, health professionals and first responders, relationship conflict or breakdown, natural disasters, autism, various addictive behaviours, how to find quality digital mental health tools, and more. We also released a new edition of our Guide to Digital Mental Health Resources.

In 2022 we released the second season of Digital Mental Health Musings, our podcast helping health professionals learn more about the digital mental health landscape in Australia. This season included 8 new episodes speaking to guests from some of Australia’s top digital mental health service providers and professionals in the field.

eMHPrac distributed over 18,000 hard copy resources across Australia including our updated Guide to Digital Mental Health Resources, in addition to over 16,000 downloads of our factsheets, brochures and guides.


The eMHPrac WellMob team have been continuing to develop the WellMob website into a one-stop-shop for social, emotional and cultural wellbeing online resources for First Nations People. WellMob now houses over 250 resources under six topics; mind, body, our mob, culture, keeping safe and healing. They also develop and house training resources, including 5 new video testimonials from workers about WellMob and how it has helped them in their work.

eMHPrac Community of Practice

The eMHPrac Community of Practice is an online community for health professionals interested in mental health. It is now home to over 6,000 members. It is open to all GP’s and other practitioners with an interest in mental health and digital mental health resources particularly. It consists of a blog and forum where practitioners can discuss mental health issues with their peers and subject matter experts.

We are so proud of all we have achieved this year with your help and are looking forward to see what else we can do in 2023! Wishing everyone a safe and restful break.