eMHPrac in 2022: What to look forward to

eMHPrac in 2022: What to look forward to

The eMHPrac team welcomes you to another year. We acknowledge the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and appreciate that digital mental health is even more valuable in these times. We look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest research, new digital programs and resources, upcoming conferences and events, and address your queries regarding use of digital mental health with your clients.

eMHPrac is a consortium of four organisations and our team are located in a variety of locations around Australia.  The broader eMHPrac team are based at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Black Dog Institute in Sydney, Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide, and the University Centre for Rural Health based in Lismore in northern New South Wales. We work closely together to provide nationwide training and support about digital mental health to health practitioners and those interested in digital mental health.

In 2022 we will launch the second season of Digital Mental Health Musings, where host Dr Ruth Crowther, Senior Research Fellow on the eMHPrac team, will explore the latest developments, research and challenges in digital mental health support and treatment. We look forward to sharing our fascinating conversations with a range of experts in the area on a range of topics. During this season we will also highlight some specific digital mental health services, speaking to the teams behind them and discussing their role in mental health treatment.

Throughout 2022 the eMHPrac team will participate in a variety online and in person conferences where you can speak to a member of the eMHPrac team or watch a presentation on digital mental health in practice. Our Director Heidi Sturk will be speaking at a range of upcoming conferences including the International Mental Health Conference, Frontline Mental Health Conference, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference, and more. You can keep up to date with upcoming events and activities from our team on our events page, or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

We will also continue to update our resource library, adding new resources and updating existing resources to help you keep up to date with the latest digital mental health programs. All of our resources are available to download, and we will continue distributing hard copy resources via our online order form. Our research evidence section also has many interesting journal articles on specific programs and also on general research in the field.

The eMHPrac team at Black Dog Institute will be running more webinars on a range of topics. There are now 50 on demand webinars available for health professionals. There are also GP and Allied Health online modules for those who would like to explore digital mental health in more detail. The team will also continue to run workshops for GPs and Allied Health professionals.

The WellMob website now has over 240 social and emotional wellbeing resources for Indigenous people and will continue to add more. The WellMob team will be developing training sessions about WellMob for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous health practitioners. And they also have their wonderful new videos which were released late last year. Visit the WellMob website at https://wellmob.org.au/.

Our team at Menzies will continue to deliver training and consultations with stakeholders to address needs in rural, remote and First Nations communities through workshops and social media platforms. Explore some of their work on the Strong Country Strong People site here: https://www.aimhistaystrong.com.au/

During the year the eMHPrac team will also be developing several brief videos about how to best utilise digital mental health. These will be a great resource to show at team meetings or training sessions. Do let us know if there are any topics you would like covered in these videos, webinars or fact sheets. And please reach out to us at emhprac@qut.edu.au if you have any queries as we are very happy to help.