Digital Tools to Help Reduce Alcohol Use

Digital Tools to Help Reduce Alcohol Use

Alcohol consumption is commonplace in Australia, as a regular part of our social and cultural practices. While many enjoy a drink with friends, controlling alcohol intake can be a challenge for some.

As mental health professionals, events like Dry July can be an opportunity to start a discussion with your clients about their relationship with alcohol.  The month-long initiative, where individuals pledge to abstain from alcohol, can serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and positive change. By encouraging your clients to participate in Dry July, you can support them in exploring their drinking habits, motivations, and the impact alcohol may have on their mental and physical well-being.

Digital mental health tools can be used alongside initiatives such as Dry July to help your clients understand their relationship with alcohol or manage their use. Digital tools can provide information, support, tips and tracking tools to monitor their alcohol consumption and work towards meeting their goals.

Information Sites

Turning Point

Information and self-assessments for addictions for health professionals, individuals and their carers.

AOD Knowledge Centre

Information to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people reduce their use of alcohol and other drugs.

Your Room

Information about alcohol and other drugs.


Information, support and services for LGBTQIA+ Australians on alcohol, other drugs and tobacco use and mental health. Tips to stay safe, cut down or week extra support.

Pivot Point

Self-assessment tool, information and tips for LGBTQIA+ on alcohol, tobacco, and other substances and how to support a loved one with addictions.


Daybreak App

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

An app from Hello Sunday Morning to help individuals change their relationship with alcohol, with professional and community support.

The Right Mix logo

On Track with The Right Mix

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

An app to help individuals keep track of their drinking over time.

Drinks Meter

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

An app providing instant, unbiased, and anonymous feedback on your drinking.

Breathing Space

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

A moderated and secure social network for people wanting to improve their wellbeing and resilience while supporting someone with their alcohol use.

Online Programs


Self-help tools, factsheets and online programs for alcohol use, anxiety, and depression.

Family and Friends Support Programs

Programs for people supporting someone using alcohol and/or other drugs on people who live in rural and remote regions.


A research-based online program for young adults with concerns about their anxiety and drinking.

Phone Services

Counselling Online logo

Counselling Online

Online, text-based service to communicate with a professional counsellor about your alcohol and drug use, or that of a loved one.

National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline

1800 250 015

Connect to alcohol and drug information services operating in your state/area.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

1300 85 85 84

Information, tools and ideas to reduce the harm of alcohol and other drugs. Path2Help referral tool, text-the-effects SMS service and links to drug information and advice line.

Download our factsheet on digital mental health for alcohol use problems to find out more about how digital mental health resources can help with alcohol reduction. You can also listen to an episode of our Digital Mental Health Musings podcast on Digital Technologies to Reduce Substance and Alcohol Use to learn more about their effectiveness and how practitioners can incorporate them into their practice.