Digital Mental Health Resources for Fathers

Digital Mental Health Resources for Fathers

Ahead of Father’s Day this weekend we are exploring digital mental health resources for dads. There are a range of digital mental health resources available in various formats providing information, advice, and support to dads at any stage of fatherhood.

eMHPrac has some helpful parenting fact sheets that dads might find helpful called ‘Digital Mental Health for Parents’ or ‘Digital Mental Health Resources for New and Expecting Parents’.

The resources below are designed to support fathers taking care of their own and their children’s mental health and wellbeing. They provide advice, peer support, tips and information on how to support themselves and their family.


Dadvice is a website from Beyond Blue connecting Dads with tips and advice, based on the experiences of a group of new dads. The website includes information, a four-part video series, a dad stress test, and tips to help dads on their journey into fatherhood, supporting themselves and their family.

pregnancy birth and baby logo

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Dad’s guide to fatherhood

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby is an information website, phone or video chat with a maternal child health nurse for advice and guidance on pregnancy, birth, being a parent and raising a child. Their website includes a dad’s guide to fatherhood, including information on supporting a partner through pregnancy, bringing a baby home, being a dad, and having difficult conversations.

Mensline logo


Being a Dad

Mensline Australia provides advice, therapy, and support for men with family and relationship concerns. The Mensline website includes information and support for dads on being a having, communication, relationships, and more.

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Fathers Support Services, A Father’s Grief

Sands is a miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support website, email, live chat, Facebook group and phone line service. Their website includes support services for fathers experiencing grief and loss including a Father’s Support Line and online peer support group.

PANDA logo


How is dad going?

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) is a national helpline, online forum and website providing emotional support to new and expecting parents. Their website includes information and support for men during pregnancy who may be experiencing perinatal anxiety and depression.

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Guiding Light

Men’s Den

Guiding Light is a support service from Red Nose Grief and Loss, providing information, resources and links to support for the sudden or unexpected loss of a baby or young child. The Guiding Light website includes a Men’s Den of articles for dads experiencing grief and loss.

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Raising Children Network

Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy, Grown-ups: Fathers

The Raising Children Network provides information, tools, guides, apps and other products to help families grow and thrive. Through their website dads can access information and support on a range of topics relating to parenting and pregnancy, including a fathers guide to pregnancy, early days, mental health and wellbeing and more.

Direct Advice for Dads logo

Direct Advice for Dads (DADs)

DADs is a website providing advice and tips for dads to expecting dads, new dads or dads with young children. The website includes articles on a range of topics providing practical advice, personal stories and news and tips for dads.

what were we thinking logo

What Were We Thinking

What Were We Thinking is an app providing parents with week-by-week information on essential topics to adjust to the first six months of life with a baby. The app includes information on common experiences, managing challenging during early parenthood, up-to-date research, and personal stories.

The What Were We Thinking website includes stories and advice for parents on a range of topics relating to having and raising a baby. Dads can access a range of stories from other Dads on becoming a dad, asking for help, challenges, managing relationships and fatherhood.

ParentWorks logo


ParentWorks is an online program for caregivers of children aged 2 to 16 years, providing evidence-based parenting strategies and information. The ParentWorks program is father friendly, developed with both mothers and fathers in mind and containing information and stories for fathers.

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Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a free online program from MumSpace that sims to enhance the wellbeing of new mums and dads. The program helps dads adjust to life with a new baby, adjusting to parenthood, caring for their baby or themselves.