Digital Mental Health Musings Podcast

Digital Mental Health Musings Podcast

As we reach the end of season 2 of Digital Mental Health Musings, we are seeking your input!

Released monthly, Digital Mental Health Musings takes health practitioners on a deep dive into Australia’s digital mental health landscape, giving them unique insights and knowledge to help them integrate this ever-growing field into their practice.

Every episode, we speak with digital service providers, healthcare professionals and other industry leaders to help Australia’s health workers navigate the vast world of digital mental health.

So far our conversations have covered:

  • The latest developments in Australian digital mental health
  • Addressing common challenges
  • ‘Behing the scenes’ look at individual service providers (including THIS WAY UP, MoodMission, Lifeline Australia, SMS4dads and more)
  • Tips on integrating digital mental health into clinical practice
  • And more!

In case you missed any episodes, here’s a recap of Season 2:

Episode1: A Collaborative Approach to Navigating Complexity

Dr. Ruth Crowther speaks to Jane Austin and Lyndal Sherwin from TheMHS. They discuss the origins of the TheMHS Learning Network, their goals, the upcoming TheMHS Conference, and TheMHS Awards. They also discuss TheMHS approach to navigating complexity, integrating the health system, the role of digital mental health and more.

Episode 2: Spotlight on MoodMission

Dr. Ruth Crowther speaks to David Bakker about the MoodMission app, integrating mental health apps into treatment, and the ongoing development of digital interventions. They discuss the influences and development of the MoodMission app, its features, and how it can be used by clinicians in treatment and as a self-help resource.

Episode 3: Burnout in Clinical Practice and How Digital Tools Can Help

Dr. Ruth Crowther speaks to Dr. Tania McMahon about burnout in clinical practice and how digital tools can help. They discuss the unique challenges faced by clinicians, how digital mental health resources can help in practice as well as support clinicians’ own mental health, and how to start navigating the wide landscape of digital mental health.

Episode 4: Spotlight on Lifeline

New host Dr. Tania McMahon speaks to Sherry Cameron and Tess Reddel from Lifeline Australia about Lifeline’s services. They discuss Lifeline’s history, evolution over time, where it fits into the Australian digital mental health landscape, and how Health Practitioners can integrate Lifeline into their practice.

Episode 5: Spotlight on SMS4dads

Dr. Tania McMahon speaks to Scott White from SMS4dads about their services, the evidence behind it, and how it can support health practitioners in their work with new or expecting parents. They discuss why dads should enroll in SMS4dads, the research and evidence behind it, and future developments.

Episode 6: eHub: What We’ve Learned From Two Decards of Digital

Dr. Tania McMahon speaks to Dr. Kylie Bennett from eHub about MoodGym, eCouch, and what they have learned over the last 20 years working in digital mental health. They discuss how eHubcame to be, what it looks like now, the differences between MoodGym and eCouch and their place in the Australian mental health landscape.

These episodes and the complete first season of Digital Mental health Musings are all available in our Resource Library and all your favourite platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer, and YouTube.

For the last episode of 2022 we are seeking input from you, our listeners!

What was your favourite episode from this year and why?

What questions do you still have about digital mental health?

Throw us your curliest questions and we will be reading and answering a selection. Send us your responses at or by completing this form.