Digital Mental Health for Problem Gambling

Digital Mental Health for Problem Gambling

Gambling can occur in many forms, from lotto and scratchies to betting on the races and other forms of betting. Each year 70% of Australians participate in some form of gambling, spending more than $23 billion a year. While some people can gamble occasionally without any issues, often as a social activity, for others gambling can quickly become a problem, disrupting their daily life.

A range of digital mental health resources are available to provide information and support people to identify a gambling problem, find help, and change their relationship with gambling. These services provide information, guidance, and support to help individuals, their friends, family, and health professionals combat problem gambling.

eMHPrac has a helpful factsheet called ‘Digital Mental Health for Addictions’ that individuals might find helpful.

Better Health Channel


The Better Health Channel provides health and medical information to help people and communities better understand and improve their health and wellbeing. The website includes information on a range of topics including gambling. They provide a brief summary of what gambling is, the different types of gambling, facts, and statistics around gambling, defines problem gambling and avenues for support. This information can help people who suspect they have a gambling problem or other people to understand and support someone with a gambling problem.

Beyond blue logo

Beyond Blue


Beyond Blue provides information and support for mental health, particularly anxiety and depression. Their website also provides peer support through online forums on a range of topics, including addiction and gambling. These forums are moderated and can help support people experiencing problem gambling or supporting someone else with a gambling problem.

Why it’s time to rethink addiction

The Beyond Blue website, in addition to providing peer support and online counselling support, also includes information on a range of wellbeing topics to help people support their own mental health or someone else. Their website includes information about addiction, treatment and research, combating common misconceptions and providing links to access help.

gambling help online logo

Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online provides 24/7 counselling, information, and support for anyone affected by gambling. The telephone, online and email counselling service is free, and confidential for anyone dealing with problem gambling. Their website also includes a range of information on understanding gambling, identifying problem gambling, makings changes and ways to help others, and personal stories from people with lived experience of problem gambling. Gambling Help Online have also developed a gambling calculator to help people better picture how much they have really spent on gambling and how it affects their life.


Gambling addiction

1800 0220 222

healthdirect is a government-funded service providing health information and advice on a range of topics. Their website includes information on a range of topics relating to health and wellbeing including gambling addiction. They provide brief information about problem gambling, how to identify problem gambling for yourself or someone else, and where to get help.

lifeline logo


Problem Gambling

Lifeline is a crisis support and counselling service providing 24/7 telephone and online support. Their website includes information on a range of topics including problem gambling. They provide brief information about gambling, the impacts of problem gambling, how to identify problem gambling, ways to help yourself and links to access support. Lifeline also provides a gambling factsheet and information on related topics like financial stress.

Mensline logo

MensLine Australia

Addressing problem gambling

MensLine Australia is a 24hr telephone, online and video counselling service providing advice, therapy and support service for men with family and relationship concerns. Their website includes information on a range of topics relating to men’s health and wellbeing including addiction and problem gambling. They provide information and statistics on gambling, signs of problem gambling, and links to access help.

National Debt Helpline

The National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit service helping people tackle their debt problems. They provide a free, confidential telephone or online chat service where people can speak to professional financial counsellors to help them get back on track. Their website includes information on a range of topics relating to dept problems and solutions. The National Debt Service aims to help people assess their situation and reduce their financial stress and move on.

open arms logo

Open Arms


1800 011 046

Open Arms is a veteran and families counselling service providing information and 24hr telephone crisis support. Their website includes information on a range of topics relevant to veterans and their families, including gambling. They provide information about gambling, signs of a gambling problem, issues for partners and families, why individuals might be gambling so much, what to do about it and links to get help.

Treating problem gambling

The Open Arms website also includes information for health professionals to enable the ongoing delivery of high quality mental health assessment and counselling for Australian veterans and their families. They provide information on treating problem gambling, the key characteristics, prevalence, screening and assessment, psychological interventions, psychoeducation and self-management strategies and pharmacological interventions.

Understanding gambling (factsheet)

Open Arms has developed a range of factsheets providing information on topics relevant to veterans and their families. Amongst the available factsheet is an Understanding gambling patient handout to help explain problem gambling, available help, and possible treatment.

ReachOut logo


Gambling addictions

ReachOut is an online mental health service for young people and their families providing information and moderated peer support on a range of topics relating to youth mental health and wellbeing. Their website explores a range of topics including gambling addictions. They provide information about gambling, signs of a gambling addiction, the negative impacts, and ways to get help online, over the phone or in person.

smiling mind logo

Smiling Mind

Digital Detox Program

Smiling Mind is a website and app teaching mindfulness and mediation to young people and adults. The mindfulness app is free to download on apple and android smartphone devices, developed by psychologists and educators to help users practice daily medication and mindfulness practices. Within the app is a digital detox program, supporting individuals to take a break from technology and reconnect with their surroundings. This program can help people break the habit of gambling on their mobile device and practice mindfulness.

State Specific Gambling Resources

The following digital mental health resources provide state-specific support for problem gambling and are largely funded by state governments. While these services are state-specific their websites can be accessed from any location and the information they provide is suitable for anyone.

Gamble Aware

Gamble Aware is a new resource from the NSW Government providing free, confidential support for gamblers and their families. The website includes information about problem gambling, the signs and practical tips to help people ‘show gambling who’s boss’ and get their life back on track. They also provide access to the 24/7 helpline, online counselling, or face to face counselling and a 30 second test to help people calculate their risk of problem gambling.

Gambling Help QLD

Gambling Help Queensland is a website developed by the Queensland Government and Relationships Australia providing information about problem gambling, personal stories and ways to access support or help someone else. This service aims to help people understand gambling, learn the signs and take action to change their relationship with gambling.

Gambler’s Help

Gambler’s Help is a service and website developed in collaboration with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and Victorian Government providing information about gambling, finding support, and helping yourself or someone else. The website includes real stories, information, and links to access support for individuals, families, friends, young people, First Nations people, and support in languages other than English. They also provide a quiz to help individuals check their gambling and determine if they have a gambling problem.

Gambling Impact Society NSW

The Gambling Impact Society of NSW is not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers and professionals, aiming to provide information and promote support for problem gambling in communities. Their website includes information, personal stories and factsheets to help people understand problem gambling and ways to support someone with a gambling problem.

Problem Gambling SA

Problem Gambling SA is an initiative of the Government of South Australia alongside other organisations to provide information on problem gambling. Their website provides information for individuals, their family, friends and professionals about gambling, recognising the signs, and accessing support, alongside real stories from people with lived experience of problem gambling.