Digital Mental Health for Mothers

Digital Mental Health for Mothers

A wise mother once said, “looking after a baby is easy – it’s getting anything else done that’s the hard part!” Among its many parts, motherhood is a challenging role. Whether a first-time mum, a second-, third-, or fourth-time mum (or more!), a mum to growing teens or an empty nester, motherhood hauls you into a world of new priorities and ever-shifting goalposts. For many, this can feel overwhelming and self-care can slip to the lowest rung. Indeed, Mother’s Day, which was celebrated just last week, may feel to some like the only opportunity for rest, recognition and recharge. Sometimes, mothers just need more.

While there are still many gaps in support for mums, Australia is proud to have available a range of digital mental health services to target some of the pressure points. These include services to help with depression and anxiety, to provide evidence-based information and advice, and to provide peer support and counselling. They also include services for specific issues such as domestic violence, pregnancy loss and loss of a child, and parenting.

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An information one-stop site supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of pregnant women, new mums, and their families. The website includes self-assessment tools, online treatment courses, skills and links to helpful resources.

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The MindMum app provides information, tips, monitoring, and planning tools to help pregnant women and new mothers feel confident in dealing with parenting and emotional challenges they may face. The app provides effective strategies to help mothers lift their mood, strengthen relationships, and feel supported.

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Mind The Bump

A mindfulness meditation app to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby and becoming a new parent. The app provides tailored exercises from day one through to 24 months after birth.

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Beyond Blue


Beyond Blue provides information to Australians living with anxiety or depression, exploring who it affects, the signs, symptoms and how to find support. For women experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, Beyond Blue provides information on how these conditions affect women, the factors that affect them and more. Beyond Blue also provide information for new and expectant mums on bonding with their baby and coping with anxiety and depression.

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Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby provides phone counselling for women, their partners, friends, and family. The counselling service and website provide information and support for pregnancy, childbirth, newborn essentials, toddler tips, and pre-schoolers.

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Provides resources and information for women affected by anxiety and depression, as well as their parents or carers. The PANDA website also includes information for maternal health professionals and family service provides. They also provide a helpline for new and expecting parents seeking support.

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Baby Steps

An online program that aims to enhance the wellbeing of new mums and dads and help them adjust to parenthood. They provide information on how to take care of a newborn while taking care of their own wellbeing and supporting each other.

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The Centre for Perinatal Excellence (COPE) provides support for expectant and new parents. They provide information and support for planning a family, expecting a baby, preparing for birth, becoming new parents and more.

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Healthy Families

Maternal mental health and wellbeing

Healthy Families is a website developed by Beyond Blue providing information, knowledge, and confidence for parents, guardians, and other adults to support the young people in their life while taking care of their own mental health and wellbeing. The website includes information and resources on maternal mental health and wellbeing for women experiencing depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the perinatal period.

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Parents Beyond Breakup

Mums in Distress

1300 853 437

Mums in Distress is a support group from Parents Beyond Breakup for mums experiencing trauma related to family breakdown and separation. They provide information, advice, peer-support, and telephone counselling to help mums through family breakdown and parental alienation.

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This Way Up

Postnatal Anxiety and Depression Program

Pregnancy Anxiety and Depression Program

This Way Up provides a range of online CBT programs for mental health issues including pregnancy and postnatal mental health programs. The programs help parents learn practical strategies for managing anxiety and low mood during pregnancy and postpartum.

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What Were We Thinking

An interactive online program and app for first time parents. They provide information about common experiences in the early months of parenthood, effective ways of thinking about and managing them.

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Family, friends and carer wellbeing

Wellways is a free, confidential emotional support and referral service providing information on mental health, disability, and community care to Australians living with mental health issues or disability. Their website includes information on supporting family, friends and carer wellbeing, with tips to take care of their own wellbeing as well as where to access more support.

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Group Chat – Being your best self as a young parent

Headspace is an Australian Youth Mental Health Foundation providing information, peer-support and intervention for young Australians experiencing mental health issues. They offer group chats on a range of topics including being a young parent. The group chats allows young mums or dads to connect with other young mums or dads to learn more about taking care of their children and themselves.

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Domestic and Family Violence

1800RESPECT is an online and telephone counselling service for people experiencing violence in their relationships. Their website includes information on healthy relationships, violence, abuse, and supporting someone else. They also provide a counselling and support service over the phone for people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence.

Mothers After the Loss of a Child

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Guiding Light

Women’s Talk Articles

1300 308 307

Guiding Light is a phone and online counselling service developed by Red Nose Grief and Loss for parents and families after the loss of a child. Their website includes information on bereavement and seeking support following a miscarriage, early pregnancy loss, medical termination, still birth, newborn death, sudden infant death, and the death of a young child.

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1300 072 637

The Sands website provides support and information for families following the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Mothers can access real stories, information, and support via the Sands website and support line to cope with feelings of grief and loss following infant loss.

General Wellbeing

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MindSpot Clinic

Wellbeing Clinic

The MindSpot Clinic Wellbeing Course was designed to help adults aged 26 to 65 years old manage mild, moderate, and severe depression, and anxiety. The eight-week course provides information on anxiety and depression and helps teach skills to recognize symptoms, manage them, gain confidence and stay well after the course. MindSpot Clinic courses are designed with both men and women in mind to help improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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An app based on cognitive behavioural therapy designed to help individuals overcome low moods and anxiety by discovering new and better ways of coping. The evidence-based app provides users with quick, effective, evidence-based Missions to improve their mood.

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Mental Health Online

Online programs and information for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, and stress/wellbeing. The programs include assessment, feedback, and therapist support.