December Featured Service: Daybreak

December Featured Service: Daybreak

This month’s featured service is Daybreak, an app developed by Hello Sunday Morning to help people change their relationship with alcohol with professional and community support.

Hello Sunday Morning is a not-for-profit organisation with over 10 years’ experience using technology to help reduce the stigma around alcohol and support people to make the changes they want to make in their life. Their aim is to support any individuals to change their relationship with alcohol, whether it is taking a break or simply cutting back.

About Daybreak

The Daybreak app is designed to help individuals reset their drinking habits. It provides individuals with lived experience stories and resources, a safe space to share their own journey, and support to develop healthier habits.

The Daybreak app offers:

  • Peer community: a non-judgemental community of people with lived experience, where users can exchange information, personal stories, and support.
  • Over 100 suggested activities to try, to help with alcohol behaviour change goals.
  • Anonymous, safe, secure environment to get support.
  • Technical and functionality support via a dedicated email address.

The Daybreak App help individuals change their relationship with alcohol, how to quit or reduce drinking, provide information on what happens when you stop drinking and alcohol alternatives. The app is professionally informed and developed in conjunction with mental health professionals.

What are the benefits of using Daybreak?

There are many benefits to using the Daybreak app including:

  • Choose from being sober, reducing your smoking, or maintaining the amount you are currently drinking.
  • Learn about the personal triggers that lead to your drinking.

Who is Daybreak for?

The Daybreak app is for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.

What is the aim of Daybreak?

The Daybreak app aims to help individuals change their relationships with alcohol, helping people achieve their goals, be it to reduce drinking or complete abstinence. It aims to inspire people to change their relationship with alcohol, sharing the positive impact it can have on personal relationships, finances, and their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Is there a cost to use Daybreak?

There is no cost to download or use the Daybreak app.

How to access Daybreak?

The Daybreak app is available on apple and android smartphones and tablets via:

Daybreak Research and Evaluation

Hello Sunday Morning have conducted a number of research and evaluation studies, which can be found here:

An evaluation conducted by researchers at the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) at Curtin University involving 793 Australian adults found that:

  • The 70% of study participants classed as “probably dependent” more than halved their alcohol consumption while using Daybreak, from 40.8 standard drinks a week to 20.1 standard drinks.
  • Alcohol consumption among “risky/harmful” drinkers dropped from 22.9 standard drinks a week to 11.9 standard drinks, which is below the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines that recommend no more than 14 drinks a week.