Bullying and Violence in Australian School Communities

Bullying and Violence in Australian School Communities

Australia’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is a call to action for school communities across Australia to come together, find solutions for bullying and violence in order to create a positive change in their school. This year the focus is on empowering students to join the conversation and promote bullying prevention strategies. The aim of the National Day of Action is to build understanding of school bullying prevention messages, establish more positive relationships within school communities, actively challenge bullying behaviour, and support students who have experienced bullying.

There are a range of digital mental health resources available to help students, staff, and parents address bullying and create positive change in their school environment. These tools provide information, guidance, and support from a range of trusted resources.

bullying no way logo

Bullying. No Way!


Bullying. No Way! is a website supporting school communities to develop proactive approaches to bullying education and prevention. They provide evidence-informed resources, activities, and advice on understanding, bullying, preventing, and teaching about bullying. This website was designed for students, schools, and families.

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National Centre Against Bullying


The National Centre Against Bullying works with school communities, government and industries to keep children and young people safe from bullying and cyberbullying in particular. Their website provides information and advice to parents, schools and children. Users can access information on signs, definition and types of bullying, as well as how to stop bullying, the effects of bullying and how to stop the bullying of other children.

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eSafety Commissioner


The office of the eSafety Commissioner is Australia’s national government agency committed to keeping citizens safe online. Their website provides information, support, and access to training for educators, parents, young people, and anyone else in the school community. Their resources include information on cyberbullying and strategies on how to cope with or prevent it.

Dollys Dream Parent Hub logo

Dolly’s Dream Parent Hub


Dolly’s Dream Parent Hub aims to provide parents easy access to trusted information about online safety and bullying. They provide information, and advice suited to a variety of parenting styles on a range of topics related to online safety including bullying and cyberbullying.

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ReachOut provides online mental health support to young Australians and their parents, including information, peer-support, programs, and apps. Their website includes information about bullying and cyberbullying for young people who have experienced, received, or participated in bullying.

ReachOut Schools


The ReachOut Schools website provides information, support, and activities for students and teachers on a range of topics including bullying. Users can learn about what bullying is, classroom resources, activities to develop wellbeing with students, and resources for parents, carers, and students.

ReachOut Parents


ReachOut Parents provides information to help parents understand what bullying is, why people bully, the signs and effects of bullyings and what to look out for. The website also helps parents support their teenagers by providing tips and advice, as well as an online forum to access peer-support from other parents.

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Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation for 12 to 25 year old’s, providing early intervention mental health services. Their website provides information, advice, and peer support to young people, schools, and health professionals on a variety of topics relating to youth mental health, including bullying and cyberbullying.

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Beyond Blue


Beyond Blue provides information and support for mental health concerns, focusing on anxiety, depression, and suicide. Their website also provides peer support through online forums covering a range of topics, including bullying support for young people, parents, or anyone else seeking help with bullying.

Be You logo

Be You


Be You was developed by Beyond Blue, Early Childhood Australia, and Headspace to provide information, resources, and strategies to educators supporting young people. Their aim is to develop positive and inclusive learning communities. Young people, parents, educators, and leaders in learning communities achieve the best possible mental health and face issues, including bullying.

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Kids Helpline


1800 55 1800

Kids Helpline provides free online and phone counselling to kids, teens, young adults, parents, carers, schools, and teachers. Users can access 24/7 WebChat, phone, or email counselling for practical emotional support. The Kids Helpline website also provides information on a range of topics, including bullying and cyberbullying.

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eheadspace is a service offered by Headspace to provide online and telephone support and counselling to young people, their families, and friends. Users can access information, peer support, and counselling through the eheadspace website on a range of topics, including bullying.

Healthy Families banner

Healthy Families


Healthy Families is an initiative of Beyond Blue providing information and support to parents, guardians, and family members supporting young people. Their website includes information on dealing with bullying and cyberbullying with young people.