April Featured Service: Go Beyond

April Featured Service: Go Beyond

This month our featured service is Go Beyond, an evidence-based, self-directed online program to support Ex-ADF members’ adjustment to civilian life. On the 25th of April we honoured ANZAC day, remembering and honouring Australian and New Zealand victims of war. This day is not only a time to remember the sacrifice of armed forces members, but also an important opportunity to support the mental health of veterans. There are a range of digital mental health resources designed for veterans, one of these being Go Beyond.

About Go Beyond

Go Beyond is a free, evidence-based, self-directed online program developed by Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation in partnership with RSL Queensland, to support Ex-ADF members’ adjustment to civilian life.

The online program commences with users undertaking the Military-Civilian Adjustment and Reintegration Measure (M-CARM) self-report questionnaire. This questionnaire, which takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, will be used to identify areas where further support may be needed and develop a personalised Go Beyond program.

The module areas, based on previous research, are as follows:

  • Purpose and connection
  • Help seeking
  • Beliefs about civilians
  • Regimentation
  • Unresolved resentment and regrets

The program connects users with the latest research information, learning modules, worksheets, practical exercises, and recommended ways to move forward. Each module takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

Who is Go Beyond for?

Go Beyond is suitable for ADF veterans transitioning from service to civilian life who are seeking support. If this transition is causing significant distress or is impacting work or other important areas of life, it is recommended that they seek support from their general practitioner.

Is there a cost to use Go Beyond?

Go Beyond is free to access and use.

How to access Go Beyond

As Go Beyond is an online mental health program, it is available anytime and anywhere. Access the program online at https://gobeyond.org.au/.

Go Beyond Research and Evaluation

Go Beyond is the result of six years or research by GMRF and a part of RSL Queensland’s $20 million commitment to veterans’ mental health.

Visit this page to read about the research behind the M-CARM informing the Go Beyond Program.