Anniversary of the National Apology

Anniversary of the National Apology

Written by Angela Sheridan, WellMob

WellMob is based on the holistic model of social and emotional wellbeing for First Nations people that is more than just mental health. It includes resources to support connection to identity, culture and community that are important protective factors for First Nations wellbeing.

Feb 13 was the 15 year Anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generation survivors and their families. It is important to commemorate this significant moment in national healing, acknowledging the wrongs of the past, while reflecting on the work that still needs to be done to address the impacts of unresolved trauma.

“The first step in healing trauma is often the acknowledgment of truth and the delivery of an apology. We commemorate the apology to keep the spirit of its words and their meaning alive.”

The Healing Foundation CEO Fiona Petersen

Read more on the National Apology here: Healing Foundation – National Apology – Fact sheet

Watch this Intergenerational Trauma Animation video from the Healing Foundation to further understand intergenerational trauma and its impacts on First Nations people or visit  The Healing Foundation  website for more information, education and support for Stolen Generations survivors and  descendants.

Listen to Healing the trauma of the Stolen Generations podcast and hear from Stolen Generation survivor and Marumali program creator, Aunty Lorraine Peeters share her story of healing.

For more resources on Trauma and Healing visit Trauma and Healing  or

The WellMob website is an online library of over 280 culturally safe Indigenous wellbeing resources.

These include videos, apps, fact sheets, websites, and podcasts that can be used by health and community workers with First Nations clients. both in and out of session as well as for workers self-care and professional development. Using online resources is a great way for workers and our diverse First Nations mob to understand and address health and wellbeing goals.

Why use the resources on WellMob as a digital mental health tool:

This Blog explains how social and emotional wellbeing differs to the  mainstream view mental health and how resources on the website can be used: Indigenous Online Wellbeing Resources to Keep Our Mob Well | eMHprac | E-Mental Health in Practice.

Check out WellMob tips from workers For more information about how to use the WellMob website in your work with First Nations patients and clients.