Webinar 60 – Anxiety Disorders in Women

Webinar 60 – Anxiety Disorders in Women

Black Dog Institute Webinar

Sydney, NSW

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

21 June 2023

Black Dog Institute


Black Dog Institute
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Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health condition, and the leading cause of total burden amongst females aged 5-64. This webinar will summarise the factors that increase the risk for anxiety amongst women, and discuss how biological factors like the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraception impact anxiety severity and treatment responsiveness. This webinar will describe how to modify the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders to improve outcomes for women by attending to these female-specific factors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe key sex differences in anxiety disorders.
  • Identify bio-psycho-social factors that contribute to anxiety vulnerability in women.
  • Explain the impact of the menstrual cycle on anxiety severity.
  • Develop questions that assess an individual’s hormonal status to identify whether their hormonal status is contributing to their mental health.
  • Develop an individualised treatment plan for individuals where their hormonal status is impacting their mental health/anxiety.
  • How to access eMH resources and tools to treat anxiety disorders.

Presenter: Dr Phoebe Holdenson-Kimura

Phoebe is a GP working in Sydney who is passionate about promoting mental wellbeing and supporting GPs who have a special interest in Mental Health. With recent experience working in rural Far North Queensland and Cambodia, she is interested in rural and global perspectives on mental health.

Presenter: Professor Bronwyn Graham

Bronwyn is a Professor and Clinical Psychologist from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Bronwyn has researched the impact of female-unique physiological factors (e.g., menstrual cycle, pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives) on anxiety disorders for 13 years. She is a strong advocate for the need to incorporate sex and gender considerations into mental health research and treatment.

Presenter: Catherine Choi

Catherine is a General Practitioner who has worked in various hospitals and medical practices across NSW since completing her medical degree at The University of Sydney. She currently works as a GP at both a private practice in Inner Sydney as well as the GP Lead at headspace Camperdown. She is also involved in education roles supervising registrars and is an examiner for the RACGP. She has completed training in Diploma of Child Health, a Certificate in Reproductive & Sexual Health as well as providing Focused Psychological Strategies. She is passionate about supporting patients’ mental health journeys of all ages. She feels particularly lucky to also be working with young people, including outreach visits to girls’ refugees, to foster growth together. Outside of work, she is kept busy being walked and trained by her Lion King dogs Simba and Nala.

This webinar is designed for GPs, GP registrars, psychologists, and allied mental health practitioners, or any other health professional with an interest in improving outcomes for patients with mental health conditions.