Webinar 58 – MH of young people impacted by cancer

Webinar 58 – MH of young people impacted by cancer

Black Dog Institute Webinar

Sydney, NSW

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

26 April 2023

Black Dog Institute


Black Dog Institute
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Whether they’re dealing with a close family member’s cancer or their own, our studies show that young people are up to six times more likely to experience high or very high levels of psychological distress than their peers their own age. This webinar will define young people impacted by cancer; their support needs, and present a collaborative approach. Young people experience broad impacts to social and mental wellbeing, and without support, this can lead to difficulties with their education, and employment, along with life-long problematic and unhealthy coping strategies.

Learning objectives:

  • List the mental health impact of cancer on young people and families.
  • Outline support needs of young people including patients, siblings, offspring, and bereaved.
  • Identify online resources that support the mental health and wellbeing of young people impacted by cancer.
  • List three benefits of a collaborative approach.
  • Identify referral pathways for further support.

Presenter: Dr Phoebe Holdenson-Kimura

Phoebe is a GP working in Sydney who is passionate about promoting mental wellbeing and supporting GPs who have a special interest in Mental Health. With recent experience working in rural Far North Queensland and Cambodia, she is interested in rural and global perspectives on mental health.

Presenter: Dr Esther Davis

Dr Esther Davis (PhD (Clin Psych), MAPS) is a clinical psychologist and Acting Research Manager for Canteen Australia. Esther has worked clinically in the private and not-for-profit sector with young people and families, including those impacted by cancer. She has over a decade of experience in health psychology research, with a focus in the areas of psycho-oncology and end-of-life.

Presenter: Kelly Blackman

Kelly Blackman (BA Social Work (Hons.)) is a Social worker and Clinical Team Leader for Canteen Australia. Kelly has worked in remote Indigenous communities in mental health and is currently working psycho-oncology with Canteen Australia. In Kelly’s current role, she works clinically with young people and parents impacted by cancer.

This webinar is designed for GPs, GP registrars, psychologists, and allied mental health practitioners, or any other health professional with an interest in improving outcomes for patients with mental health conditions.