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About What Were We Thinking

What Were We Thinking! (WWWT!) is an interactive mental health promotion program developed for first-time parents. The program offers active learning opportunities using interactive quizzes with tailored feedback, parent and health professional videos and video demonstrations to help parents learn infant settling strategies.

The program is supported by:

Who is What Were We Thinking for?

The program is for all parents of first babies (aged approximately 18-45 years old).

Is there a cost to use What Were We Thinking?

No – use of the app, website and forum are free.

How to access What Were We Thinking’s services

The website and app are both open access – no registration or sign-up needed.

The What Were We Thinking website is available online at https://www.whatwerewethinking.org.au/.

The smartphone app is free to download for Apple and Android devices.

To use the professionally moderated blog, parent bloggers provide their name, email address, postal address as well as the name and date of birth of their child. Commenters on blog posts are only required to provide a name and email address.

What Were We Thinking! Research and Evaluation

Extensive formative research was undertaken to develop the theory and evidence for the WWWT program. A sample of relevant citations is listed below:

  • Rowe H, Fisher J. Development of a universal psycho-educational intervention to prevent common postpartum mental disorders in primiparous women: a multiple method approach BMC Public Health. 2010;10:499. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/10/499
  • Fisher J, Wynter K, Rowe H. Innovative psycho-educational program to prevent common postpartum mental disorders in primiparous women: a before and after controlled study. BMC Public Health. 2010;10:432. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/10/432

A formal evaluation of the smartphone app is currently being conducted by an independent professional evaluator. This will collect usage statistics, engagement with the WWWT smartphone app and user experience.