Wellways k.i.t.

Wellways k.i.t.

About Wellways k.i.t.

Wellways k.i.t. (Keeping In Touch) was developed by Wellways to help address the risks and effects on people’s mental health from physical distancing and isolation to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The website aims to support positive mental health, keep people connected, find effective resources to manage mental health issues and provide information for suicide support. Their website includes resources and information to support positive mental health and community connection. These resources are sorted into 5 sections:

  • mental health
  • suicide prevention
  • families and carers
  • staying connected
  • community stories

Wellways k.i.t. also includes the Brainwaves podcast, a community radio program sharing lived experiences of mental health issues and sharing topical information about mental health.

Who is Wellways k.i.t. for?

Wellways k.i.t. is for anyone feeling isolated or seeking help with managing their mental health, in particular people affected by isolation and physical distancing related to coronavirus.

Is there a cost to use Wellways k.i.t.?

There is no cost to use Wellways k.i.t..

How to access Wellways k.i.t.

Wellways k.i.t. can be accessed at https://kit.wellways.org/.