The Check-in App – Youth Beyond Blue

The Check-in App – Youth Beyond Blue

About The Check-in App

The Check-in app was developed by Beyond Blue in consultation with young people to help people check in with friends and family. The app was designed to help young people through how they might have a conversation and support a friend who might be struggling, taking out the fear of saying the wrong thing or making the situation worse.

The app takes users through 4 quick, easy steps to start thinking about where to check in, what they might say and how they might support their friend. The user can also go back into the app after having the conversation and rate how it went, or get advice on next steps.

Who is The Check-in App for?

The Check-in App is for anyone seeking to check in with a friend, but nervous about approaching the conversation.

Is there a cost to use The Check-in App?

There is no cost to use The Check-in App.

How to access The Check-in App

iBobbly can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store (IOS) or on Google Play (Android).

You do not need to register to use the app.