TEN – The Essential Network for health professionals

TEN – The Essential Network for health professionals

About TEN

‘TEN’ is an online program that connects and provides fast, easy, anytime access to evidence-based tools, resources, programs and specialists.

Developed by health professionals for health professionals, TEN provides a single point of entry for self-assessment, information and self-management options to optimise mental health. With COVID-19 specific resources and evidence-based tools and online programs – TEN provides discrete, self-help pathways to support all frontline workers.

TEN has been developed by Black Dog Institute in partnership with:

  • Cogniss
  • Hand-n-Hand Network
  • Lifeline
  • SAS
  • This Way Up STV
  • UNSW
  • University Melbourne/Phoenix

Who is TEN for?

TEN is specifically designed for health professionals and frontline workers in response to COVID-19, which is causing high levels of stress for health care professionals and the risk of ongoing mental health consequences.

Is there a cost to use TEN?

There is no cost to use TEN.

How to access TEN?

TEN can be accessed online at https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/the-essential-network/.