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About Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a unique web and App-based program developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, and web-based wellness programs. Smiling Mind is a free tool that will assist in improving the lives of young Australians, and is available online or as a smartphone App.

Smiling Mind’s mission is to provide accessible, life long tools based in mindfulness meditation. Creating happier, healthier, and more compassionate young people.

Who is Smiling Mind for?

Smiling Mind targets all ages, with specific individual programs for:

  • Age 7-11
  • Age 12-15
  • Age 16-22
  • Adult
  • Classroom & Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Families

In addition to this, Smiling Mind now offers School programs for primary and secondary students in both urban and rural areas. They also offer educational corporate programs for employee wellbeing, with a specific offering for small businesses.

What services do Smiling Minds offer?

Smiling Mind offers a wide range of programs and workshops to suit your needs and requirements. Including a mobile app, school programs, workplace programs, children’s books and more.

Free Mindfulness Mobile App

This application was developed by psychologists and educators to help practice daily mediation and mindfulness. The application features a range of modules to improve mental health segmented in key areas including stress, sleep, attention, concentration, wellbeing, relationships, performance, sport and mindful eating. Learn more about the app here.

The app has particularly programs for each age group. A new program on offer is the Thrive Inside adult mindfulness module to help foster good mental habits throughout the Coronavirus crisis. Learn about the Thrive Inside program here.

School Mindfulness Programs:

Smiling Mind offers three in-person education packages for schools. This includes the starter program for individual educators, the whole school program and advanced whole school program. These aim to equip children with the skills to build healthy minds and engaged classrooms.

Find out more about these programs on their website here.

Workplace Mindfulness Programs:

These workplace programs by Smiling Mind aim to promote employee wellbeing. Modules include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation training
  • Workplace app content
  • Tools to support workplace culture
  • Analytics and reporting

They also offer stand alone in-person workshops for businesses which include ‘Sleep & Work Recovery’ and a ‘Leadership Program’. Learn more here.

Meditation Resources

Smiling Mind also have resources to help those beginning meditation. From helpful blog articles to downloadable guides. You can find them here.

Is there a cost to use Smiling Mind?

No, there is no cost to use the website or to download the app.

The in-person school and workplace programs are paid educational sessions. To find out pricing for these contact Smiling Mind here.

How to access Smiling Mind’s services

The Smiling Mind app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. To register online, users must provide their name, date of birth, and gender.

What are the benefits of using Smiling Mind Services?

While the benefits of Smiling Mind’s services will vary on the medium and programs you choose to use, the primary benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation include:

  • Increased productivity and attention
  • Anxiety reduction and stress management skills
  • Focused thinking
  • Heightened performance
  • Increased resilience

Smiling Mind Research and Evaluation

Smiling Mind is based on research done on Mindfulness Meditation, with information on the science behind Smiling Mind available at their blog.