About Redkite

Redkite is an emotional, financial and practical support service for families who have a child with cancer (aged 18 and under). Their childhood cancer support specialists provide flexible, confidential and free counselling and online support for anyone connected to a child with cancer. They also provide moderated peer support through online groups facilitated by Redkit Social Workers, practical information and support with grief and bereavement.

Whether the parent or sibling of a child with cancer, know or related to a child with cancer, bereaved or wanting to support families facing childhood cancer, the Redkite website provides information, support and resources to help.

Who is Redkite for?

Redkite is for Australian families facing childhood cancer, experiencing grief or bereavement, or supporting families facing childhood cancer.

Is there a cost to use Redkite?

There is no cost to use Redkite.

How to access Redkite

Redkite can be accessed at

The Redkite Support Line is available weekdays from 9am to 7pm (AEDT) by calling 1800 592 410.