ReachOut Parents

ReachOut Parents

About ReachOut Parents

ReachOut Parents provides information, tools and resources to help parents and carers support the 12-18 year-olds in their family environment.

On ReachOut Parents you will find:

  • fact sheets, stories, practical tips and tools covering a range of topics, issues and experiences that are relevant to teenagers aged 12-18 years
  • an online community forum where you can talk to other parents about your experiences and work through your concerns in a safe, anonymous environment.

The aim of ReachOut Parents is to help you:

  • develop and maintain secure and stable relationships with your teenager by learning more about what they might be experiencing or issues they might be going through
  • support your teenager and teach them how to seek help and work through issues independently
  • learn about mental health issues that often have their onset during adolescence, including what to be aware of, and how to get help for your teenager if and when they need it
  • improve the wellbeing and resilience of your whole family.

ReachOut Parents also offers Parent Coaching, an online and phone coaching service to help parents build strong relationships with teenagers (12-18 years).

Who is ReachOut Parents for?

ReachOut Parents is for parents and carers of 12-18 year olds.

Is there a cost to use ReachOut Parents?


How to access ReachOut Parents’s services

ReachOut Parents is available online at Registration with name (optional), username, email, and password is required to post to the forums. Registration is not required to view the forums, or access the rest of the site.

ReachOut Parents Research and Evaluation

The information available at ReachOut Parents is evidence-based and underpinned by evaluation and research.