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About Peak Fortem

Peak Fortem was produced to equip Australian first responders with information and practical tools to promote mental fitness, increase performance and improve wellbeing. The tools are built on psychology, sports science and evidence-based models.

The information and tools are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Control: Create a space to think through and influence your thoughts, feelings and promotions.
  • Motivate: Invigorate your drive to get going and keep striving for the finish line.
  • Boost: Increase your confidence to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.
  • Balance: Build and maintain a positive outlook to improve your mood.

Who is Peak Fortem for?

The Peak Fortem is for first responders and their families dealing with mental health challenges.

Is there a cost to use Peak Fortem?

There is no cost to use Peak Fortem.

How to access Peak Fortem

The Peak Fortem can be accessed at