ParentWorks [Under Construction]

ParentWorks [Under Construction]

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About ParentWorks

ParentWorks is an online, evidence-based program for Australian parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 16. This resource is intended to help parents and caregivers manage challenging child behaviour, increase confidence in their parenting skills and work together as a team with their partner.

What services does ParentWorks offer?

ParentWorks offers a range of parenting strategies to help improve parenting skills, increase confidence, and improve child behaviour. This takes the form of a self-directed program comprised of 5 to 8 modules, each taking 20 to 30 minutes each week. The modules include videos, practical information, and activities. Parent’s and caregivers can work through the program at their own pace, at whatever time best suits them.

To assist parents and caregivers further ParentWorks also have 3 moderated discussion forums to provide added support. The three forums include:

  • Dad Chat: for fathers and male caregivers to discuss parenting and child behaviour
  • Parent Chat: for all parents or caregivers of children aged 2-16 years to discuss parenting or child behaviour
  • Child Behaviour Chat: for parents and caregivers with specific concerns surrounding child behaviour, emotions or development.

To learn more about the services ParentWorks offers, head to their website here.

What are the benefits of completing ParentWork’s online modules?

There are a plethora of benefits to completing ParentWork’s online program. This includes:

  • Increasing confidence in parenting
  • Enhance parental mental health
  • Working as a team with a partner or caregiver
  • Improving the management of challenging child behaviours by equipping parents with strategies, tools and techniques
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved family relationships

Who is ParentWorks for?

ParentWorks is targeted toward parents and caregivers who are struggling with parenting children aged 2-16. This could also include childcare workers, family or loved ones who are looking to provide further support to a parent or caregiver.

All parents or caregivers must be aged 18 and over to participate in ParentWork’s online modules. They must also be currently living in Australia, able to complete the research questionnaires and understand the program’s content in English.

Is there a cost to use ParentWorks?

There is no cost to using ParentWorks online modules and resources as it is a free service.

How to access ParentWorks services

Anyone across Australia can access ParentWorks via and sign up to use the program. Upon sign up you will be required to enter your email address and create a password to your account. ParentWorks is currently unavailable as the website is under construction. 

When can ParentWorks be accessed?

ParentWorks is an online program run through the website itself. Due to this, ParentWorks is available to access anytime and anywhere that suits you. The program can run through laptop or mobile.

To learn more or contact ParentWorks directly, head to the contact us page here.

ParentWorks Research and Evaluation

ParentWorks is part of an Australian research study currently being conducted by the University of Sydney and funded by the Movember Foundation. Participation in the program will involve completing an online questionnaire about yourself and your family to assist in the project.