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About ParentWorks

ParentWorks is an online, evidence-based program for Australian parents and caregivers of children aged 2 to 16. They offer a range of parenting strategies to help improve parenting skills, increase confidence and improve child behaviour.

This resource is intended to help parents and caregivers manage challenging child behaviour, increase confidence in their parenting skills and work together as a team with their partner. The program is comprised of 5 to 8 modules, each taking 20 to 30 minutes each week, which include videos, practical information and activities. Parent’s and caregivers can work through the program at their own pace.

Who is ParentWorks for?

ParentWorks is targeted towards parents and caregivers who are struggling with parenting.

Is there a cost to use ParentWorks?

There is no cost to using ParentWorks.

How to access Sand’s services

Anyone across Australia can access ParentWorks via and sign up to use the program.