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About Parentline

Parentline is a confidential telephone service providing professional counselling and support for parents and carers of children across Australia. Parents, carers, and family members have direct access to qualified counsellors. There are a number of separate websites and phone lines for different states and territories (listed below).

Counsellors respond to calls concerning a range of issues including:

  • parenting strategies for challenging behaviours
  • parental mental and emotional health
  • parent-child relationships
  • custody and access, and the emotional well-being of children and young people

What services do Parentline offer?

Counselling Services

Parentline offers free phone counselling service to parents and caregivers. Each counsellor is available to address any problems or concerns, answer questions, provide support and guidance, as well as help to develop strategies to manage any issues identified.

Triple P Parenting Program Support

If you are a parent of caregiver undertaking the Triple P Parenting Program, Parentline also offers added support over the phone. At no added cost, a Triple P trained counsellor can attend a session and provide advice, guidance, and support.

Online Resources

On top of Parentline’s phone and web counselling services for parents, the Parentline website also contains resources on a number of topics related to kids and parenting. This includes information relating to children across all ages from pregnancy to infants, toddlers, preschool and above. Topics covered feature preparing for parenthood, fussy eating, anxiety in children and more.

Cyberbullying Training

Parentline also offers free online cyberbullying training to educate parents, teachers and individuals. Cyberbullying is a significant issue within the schooling environment, due to the rising use of social media and other networking applications in children. As a parent, it is vital to be equipped with the right knowledge and skillset to address any problems your child may experience in their lifetime as a result of cyberbullying online.

To find out more about this free program, head to their website here.

Who is Parentline for?

Parentline is for parents, foster carers, other relatives, family friends, neighbours and professionals involved with children. It aims to provide helpful resources, training, and counselling about parenting to any Australians in need.

Is there a cost to use Parentline?

Parentline’s web counselling services and online resources are free to use, apart from normal internet changes. However, counselling calls from a landline will be charged the cost of a local call (apart from in Western Australia where it is a free call). Calls from mobiles may be charged at a higher rate.

How to access Parentline’s services

Parentline’s online resources can be accessed at:

Alternatively, anyone across Australia can receive free support through Parentline via:

When can Parentline be accessed?

Parentline’s free phone counselling service is available every day from 8am – 10pm, while WebChat is available every day from 8am – 9pm. Alternatively, Parentline’s online resources are available anytime and anywhere that best suits you.

To learn more, head to their website here.

Parentline Research and Evaluation

The QLD & NT Parentline regularly publishes reports on client satisfaction and outcomes, which can be found on their website. According to the Parentline Annual Client Satisfaction and Outcomes Report 2014, results indicate that parents and carers experienced high quality counselling, had high levels of satisfaction and that the counselling provided by Parentline was effective.