My Business Health

My Business Health

About My Business Health

My Business Health is an online portal providing information and resources for small businesses and family enterprises. The program aims to help businesses navigate the system, find what they need to face challenges, and identify opportunities for growth.

Information and resources are organized under 3 sections: ‘How Do I Keep My Business Afloat’, ‘How Do I Manage My Business’ and ‘I Need Support’. How Do I Keep My Business Afloat includes topics like government support, managing outgoings, and cash flow. How Do I Manage My Business includes topics relating to COVID-19, staffing, workplace health and safety, business relationships, resolving a dispute, business growth, planning for a mentally healthier business, and personal property securities register. I Need Support includes a 5-minute wellbeing checkup, links to support services, natural disaster recovery support, and access to the national debt helpline.

Who is My Business Health for?

My Business Health was developed to support small business owners and family enterprises with everyday issues, to help them focus on enjoying their business.

Is there a cost to use My Business Health?

There is no cost to use My Business Health.

How to access My Business Health

The My Business Health can be accessed at