About MumMoodBooster

MumMoodBooster is an online, evidence-based CBT program from MumSpace, for women recovering from postnatal depression. The program includes 6 interactive sessions teaching skills to improve depression, featuring personalised content, tools for tracking mood and activities in real-time, exercises, and journaling activities. MumMoodBooster also offers SMS encouragement messages, access to an online library and regular monitoring via a brief online survey.

Who is MumMoodBooster for?

MumMoodBooster was designed to help women anywhere in Australia experiencing depression after the birth of their baby (postnatal depression).

Is there a cost to use MumMoodBooster?

There is no cost to use MumMoodBooster.

How to access MumMoodBooster

MumMoodBooster can be accessed online at and requires registration to start the program.