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About MoodPrism

MoodPrism is an app for users to track their moods and learn more about themselves. It provides intuitive, interactive, colourful feedback based on daily mood reports. The app also provides users with mental health links and resources tailored to their mood profile. The user will receive feedback on their mood each day, and the more they use the app, the more detailed this information will become – with flourishing scores after 1 week’s use, and depression and anxiety scores after 2 weeks of use.

The app was developed as a partnership between several Australian universities and mental health organisations, with the experienced Dr. Nikki Rickard acting as director.

Who is MoodPrism for?

MoodPrism is for all ages, but with a focus on late adolescence and early adulthood. MoodPrism is also for use in schools and organisations. Anyone can download and use MoodPrism!

What Services does MoodPrism offer?

The MoodPrism App is intended to be a quick and intuitive way for users to track their own moods and wellbeing. Using the information that they gather from the user, MoodPrism can then contextualise and provide links to relevant resources to encourage healthy mood management and more.

Is there a cost to use MoodPrism?

There is a one-off payment of $7.99 to download the app. MoodPrism was developed with funding from several Australian organisations such as BeyondBlue and Headspace.

When can MoodPrism be Accessed?

MoodPrism is designed to be easily accessible to users in all contexts. Whether you’re on public transport on the way to work, you’ve just woken up or you are sitting on the couch after dinner – MoodPrism is made to be an easy addition to your schedule that will help you manage your mental health.

How to access MoodPrism’s services

Users have the option of either downloading the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or registering in a research trial being conducted on the app.

MoodPrism Research and Evaluation

Surveys for data collection and outcome research are built into MoodPrism. Users complete a range of mental health and well-being surveys at the start of use and 30 days after. Doctoral papers investigating this data are planned for publication later in 2016.

A randomised controlled trial is planned for MoodPrism in August 2016. MoodPrism will be compared against two other mental health apps and a waitlist control condition on the measures listed above. This is planned for publication in early 2017.