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About MoodMission

MoodMission is an app for low moods and anxious feelings that teaches users new and better ways of coping by suggesting ‘missions’, which are short, easily achievable coping strategies. Based in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based psychological therapies, the app learns a user’s unique coping style and tailors future mission suggestions based on past successes.

Tailored workshops and presentations can be arranged for MoodMission personnel to visit organisations and practices where service providers can learn about how to best use MoodMission with their patients/clientele/consumers. For enquiries, visit

Why was MoodMission developed?

When you feel anxious or down it can be difficult to cope, but science tells us there are plenty of ways we can help ourselves to feel better again. Recognising these mood changes and taking positive steps to help prevent mood disturbances is a positive first step in preventing them from developing them into mental health issues like anxiety disorders or depression.

MoodMission was developed as a way to help prevent these mood disturbances. You tell the app how you are feeling and it gives you a list of 5 effective, evidence-based missions to quickly improve your mood. All of the work MoodMission does is backed by scientific research which is accessible through the app, meaning not only are you helping yourself improve but you can learn the ‘why’ behind how it helps.

Who is MoodMission for?

MoodMission is for use with people of all ages, with a focus on late adolescence and early adulthood, and all mental health statuses – not just those with a clinically diagnosed issue.

What are the benefits of using MoodMission?

MoodMission exists to be a quality provider of evidence-based and easily accessible mental health support. The benefits of using MoodMission are far reaching but at a glance can include:

  • Learning new and more productive ways of dealing with anxiety and mood problems
  • Learning more about the importance of practicing self care and learning more about your own psychology so you understand what is happening when your mood changes and how the work you do with MoodMission helps
  • Support in being linked to clinical or professional support

Is there a cost to use MoodMission?

There is a small fee of $7.99 to download the app for both iPhones and Androids. However, there are no in app purchases after the initial download fee.

How to access MoodMission’s services

MoodMission can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. You can also visit the MoodMission website and it can direct you through to a download link for your appropriate device.

How do you use MoodMission?

After your initial download, you will need to create a MoodMission account. You will also be asked to complete surveys as part of our research, so we can understand more about the effectiveness of MoodMission improving well-being and mental health. After this, you can star receiving your missions.

It is important that your device has internet access in order to download the Missions, however if you are signed in and have already downloaded the Missions, the app is able to be used without an internet connection.

As you use the app, it tells you if missions are successful or not. A successful mission is one that reduces your distress by 3 points or more. If a Mission is successful, MoodMission knows to recommend similar ones in the future.

MoodMission Research and Evaluation

Surveys for data collection and outcome research are built in to MoodMission. Users complete measures of anxiety, depression, positive well-being, emotional self-awareness, mental health literacy, and coping self-efficacy at the start of use and 30 days after. Doctoral papers investigating this data are planned for publication later in 2016.

A randomised controlled trial is undertaken for MoodMission in August 2016. MoodMission was compared against two other mental health apps and a waitlist control condition on the measures listed above. This study showed that MoodMission was effective at decreasing depression and increasing mental wellbeing.

MoodMission is built using evidence-based principles developed in a recent literature review (see the citation below).

Bakker, D. R., Kazantzis, N., Rickwood, D., & Rickard, N. (2016). Mental health smartphone apps: Review and evidence-based recommendations for future developments. JMIR Mental Health, 3, e7.

MoodMission has published three papers in academic peer-reviewed journals so far reporting the effectiveness of MoodMission. Visit this page to read more about the research behind MoodMission.