About iYarn

iYarn is an app and website platform which supports people to connect and check in with each other to build stronger social relationships and help with feelings of stress, anxiety, isolation, depression. The purposeful check-ins encourage expression, providing a safe space where people can be vulnerable, share their stories, and be understood.

The iYarn program is easy to use, with simple flexible check-ins that can be customized, charts and insights to identify issues and opportunities, real-time data, reminders, and alerts to support teams to get the most out of their check-ins.

Who is iYarn for?

iYarn was designed to support groups, whether they’re in a workplace, in a school, or in the community

Is there a cost to use iYarn?

There is no cost to use the iYarn app or computer-based platform.

How to access the iYarn App

iYarn can be accessed online at https://iyarn.com/.

The iYarn app is available on apple and android smartphones and tablets via: