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About iCanQuit

iCanQuit has been developed by the Cancer Institute NSW, in consultation with users and a wide range of stakeholders.

Whether you’re a smoker who’s thinking of quitting, are currently trying to quit smoking, or need some motivation to stay quit for good, iCanQuit has information and tips on how to become smoke-free.

Plus, you can join the iCanQuit community – track your quit journey using our handy online tools, share your experiences, and be inspired by the quit stories of other members. All for free!

Who is iCanQuit for?

The iCanQuit website is a helpful online resource for smokers and ex-smokers at all stages of their quit smoking journeys.

Is there a cost to use iCanQuit?

There is no cost to use iCanQuit.

How to access iCanQuit

iCanQuit can be accessed online at https://www.icanquit.com.au/.