About HeadStrong

HeadStrong is a free curriculum resource that can be used to help students better understand mental health while developing personal wellbeing and resilience. Developed by Black Dog Institute, HeadStrong aims to make it easier for teachers educating high school students about tough topics.

HeadStrong resources link to the Health and Physical Education curriculum for years 9 to 10 and links directly to learning outcomes. The program includes 5 modules, split into a series of ready-to-use classroom activities and teacher development notes. It includes topics on depression, bipolar disorder, seeking help, helping other, and building wellbeing and resilience.

Who is HeadStrong for?

HeadStrong is designed to be used by teachers and schools teaching children in year 9 and 10.

Is there a cost to use HeadStrong?

There is no cost to use HeadStrong.

How to access HeadStrong

HeadStrong can be accessed online at https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/education-services/schools/school-resources/headstrong/ where teachers can download or complete an online form to access the program.